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F&%k You Death!

on April 10, 2014


I’m not sure how much a person is expected to handle but its been a rough few days for me.  It started on Thursday when we had to put our dog Oz down.  Literally the next day Diva Danny’s dad died.  I’ve known this man since kindergarten.  He was old and had been sick but it’s still heartbreaking.  Saturday morning I had to leave for a business trip so I missed his services.  I also felt awful leaving Mike all alone since he’s so heartbroken over Oz.

Tuesday I received 2 phone calls from friends while I was in FL but ignored the calls.  I was there running a conference and needed to remain focused so that I didn’t break down in tears.  Turns out I should have taken the calls because Wednesday morning while waiting for my plane I saw on Facebook that my friend Andrea died on Monday.  Over the past 14 years she had survived breast cancer and brain cancer.  Recently they had found some cancer cells but she was being treated and the doctors said she would be ok.  Monday (her 42nd birthday) she was disoriented and went to the hospital.  Turns out she had water on her brain and died within hours.  My heart hurts so bad right now.  She was a beautiful soul.

And the cherry on top of my shit sundae- Mike has strep throat AND threw his back out.


One response to “F&%k You Death!

  1. oh wow. youve had a very rough few days. so sad to hear about the loss of these people that you love and of your sweet doggy. 😦 i hope mike feels better asap too.

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