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We’re Still Alive

on April 2, 2014


Hello my little love muffins!  Thanks for the emails and comments to make sure I’m still alive and kickin.  Yup, still alive, still pregnant (24 weeks, 4 days) and all is well.  I have been totally swamped between work and life so I haven’t written.  Well, I’ve written drafts just haven’t posted.  I have much to update but since it is mostly pregnancy related I will be posting that stuff on my other site and try to keep the stuff here more infertility related.  Hope all is well with all of you.  Would love to hear some great beta results from those of you in the 2ww.

Stayed tuned for more rantings

PS- for those of you using donor eggs and wondering how you will feel about the baby once you are pregnant- this baby is 1000% MINE- always has been and always will be.  He’s the little monkey that was meant for me and nothing else matters.


3 responses to “We’re Still Alive

  1. hopobopo says:

    Hey just wanted you to know you inspired me to consider donor eggs and now I’m 7 weeks pregnant with my miracle twins. Thanks!

  2. m says:

    “PS- for those of you using donor eggs and wondering how you will feel about the baby once you are pregnant- this baby is 1000% MINE- always has been and always will be.”
    You mean figuratively right or in a custodial sense? I reunite parent who donated gametes with their kids and technically their offspring are still their offspring, (sons or daughters), they just are not raising them. Careful to leave room for a person’s own family too. If you refer to another person’s offspring as 1000% yours it is sort of like saying who they really are is something you want to write over and that you would not like them as much if they were someone else’s. I’m sure you mean it in the nicest way to make them feel like your dedicated to them but make sure they don’t think your dedicated contingent upon being a reflection of you.

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