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The Choice Will Be Yours…

on February 12, 2014


OK here is the deal- I’m branching out!

So that it will be fair for all followers I’m going to keep this blog page AND use 2 other blog pages- win/win right?!  If you just want to stick with this one then do nothing.  Nothing here will change and you will continue to receive emails (if you are a subscriber) each time I post.  If you are just a stalker then you will have to continue to stalk me as you normally would.

The following will be my blog pages:    This will remain my infertility blog page.  I will continue to write about infertility, IVF, donor eggs and all that other fun stuff we struggle with.  I may at times reference a blog post from my pregnancy blog site (see below)  This is my new (but secretly created a while ago) blog page.  Here I will write about my pregnancy as well as pregnancy in general.  I will post OB updates and ultrasound pics.  Eventually I will also review baby products and bitch about play dates and mommy groups- God I’m dreading that shit!  I will also reference my use of donor eggs and may from time to time reference my infertility blog page.  If you would like to follow that blog page then please go there and subscribe.  Yes, I’m a blog geek.  I’ve created a blog page for my child that isn’t even here yet.  This page will be written in his words (at least what I imagine he would say).  This blog will mainly be for my family to keep up with the thousands of pictures I will be taking of him.  I will also post pics from holidays, birthdays, etc.  Because I’m going to blog “out” myself to my family this site will NOT AT ALL reference my other 2 blog sites.  It will NOT mention donor eggs or any of the other stuff I blog about.  If you decide to subscribe to this blog please, please, please keep my privacy intact.  If you out me in a comment or in general I will hunt you down and severely hurt you.  Here is a sample of the blog from the “About” page-

Hi!  My name is Jackson Xavier but you can call me Jax.  My parents did a lot of praying and begging for me.  I heard there were a bunch of shots and some other stuff they call IVF but that’s too complicated for me.  All I know is I like chillin out in the womb while they get my world ready.  They cannot wait to meet me but they will have to wait a while because I’m not scheduled to make my debut until July 19th.

The one that I’m going to call Mommy is obsessed with me already.  She even created a blog page for me.  Can you imagine me being a literary genius before I’m even born.  Until I’m old enough to use a computer I will control my Mommy (from inside her womb).  She can be my secretary and write everything I want to tell you.  Mom is a little paranoid about stalkers so if there is a post with my picture or something identifiable she will probably password protect it.  If you know her then just ask for the password.  Oh yeah, I even have my own email so if you want to reach me or my staff just send an email to

So there you go- 3 choices- vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.  Don’t ask for cookies and cream 🙂


2 responses to “The Choice Will Be Yours…

  1. Jude says:

    All three sound great! I’m especially excited to hear about Jax since I have a FET grandbaby due July 20th.

  2. im following all three now. and now I want cookies and cream lol. hungry!!! 😉 I nominated you for the liebster blog award.

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