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The BEST Baby Book Ever!

on February 10, 2014


Why is this the best baby book ever?  Because it is totally about YOUR baby and how that baby came to me.  It’s not your generic, “traditional family” baby book- it’s totally personalized and customizable.   If you are having a baby you HAVE TO buy this book.  And even if you aren’t going to be a mommy (or daddy) just yet make sure to save this link for the future

A fellow donor egg mommy-to-be told me about this book and I knew I had to have it.    The best part is, because its customizable, its perfect for anyone with a “non-traditional” birth story (donor egg, donor embryo, sperm donor, adoption, surrogate, same-sex parents, etc).  After you pick what you want the cover to look like and submit payment you are then sent an email with a bunch of questions that pertain to you, your family and your baby’s story.  Its great because Mike and I aren’t married so obviously don’t have the same last name- that’s reflected in the book.  Each parent (or one in some cases) has their own page.  My page says “You Belong to Me” and Mike’s page says “…And Me”.  It says my full name and then “but you call me Mommy” and then has questions about me that I fill in the blanks.  So if Jackson was going to call me “Chuck” the book could say that instead of Mommy.  The creators were wonderful to work with.  Of course me being like Sally ordering a meal (I’ll have the salad, hold the carrots, add radishes, dressing on the side but not too much and chilled at 50 degrees) I’m sure I wasn’t the easiest customer.  When I opened the book and started reading the pages I burst into tears.  Not only is this the first personalized thing we have for Jackson but the pages were sooooo US that I was overwhelmed with emotion.  I never thought I would be able to have a real baby book like everyone else.  All the books I’ve seen don’t really pertain to our story and I would have to leave half the pages blank.  This book finally made me feel what it is like to be a regular person having a family.  It made me part of the crew.

Based on our answers to the questions, here are the different pages that were chosen for OUR book.  Again, this is totally customizable so it will be whatever you need it to be.   The background of our book is white, not pink, it’s just a bad picture.

Mommy and Daddy- The story of us goes like this…

How I Came to Be…The story before there was me (we will write about how hard we tried to have a baby and how we came to IVF and donor eggs)

A Special Gift- All about our egg donor

Great Expectations (basic questions about 1st finding out you’re having a baby)

Love at First Sight (page for 1st ultrasound picture)

We Love You Too! (siblings page)

Special Family & Friends (Mommy’s Side, Daddy’s Side)

Love Letters- our first notes to you

Showering You with Love (about the shower and the guests)

All About Our Pets- Special stories about our special animals (OK- this is HUGE for people with fur babies- how many other baby books include them?)

Wishes & Dreams- words from those who love you

Introducing…YOU! The story of your birth (all about the delivery and the baby)

A Name All Your Own (the baby’s name (including nicknames) and what they mean and other names that were considered)

The World Was a Busy Place When You Were Born (what was going on in the world on the day your baby was born- prices of different things, who was President, newspaper headlines, fashion trends, etc)

Welcome Home

Your First Year of Sleep

The rest of the book follows much of the generic format for a baby book (although it still maintains a “better than generic” feel to it).  The book takes you all the way to Kindergarten and 5 years old.

I am so, so, so thankful to Sarah and Amanda from LoveLeafBooks for creating these baby books.  Please check out their Etsy page and go buy a book!  I promise you will love it just as much as me.


2 responses to “The BEST Baby Book Ever!

  1. Kimberly says:

    This is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  2. How neat! I love how customizable it is!

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