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Not So Quick Update

on January 9, 2014


OK- I know I suck!  I promised I would have more posts and updates and I DID work on the drafts I already have but I’m not happy enough with them to post yet.  Plus I’ve been pretty busy with work- not to mention my brain is in la-la land with all this baby stuff.

As a point of reference for what I’m about to say you need to know that today I’m 12 weeks, 5 days.

So long story short, I fired my OB.  I wasn’t all that happy with the practice and they pretty much suck all around.  Since my Fri appt was cancelled because of the snow I was being re-scheduled for Thurs (tomorrow).  I found out that all they were going to do was review my file and confirm my pregnancy.  No blood work, no vaginal exam, no heart beat Doppler, no ultrasound.  They told me they only do ultrasounds on Wednesdays and only 2 of the 5 doctors so them and I wouldn’t get one until 20 weeks- WTF!  I would have to go to a local radiologist for an ultrasound for the size and date check.  They also said that I had to go to a perinatologist for my Nuchal Tranlucency Screeening (NT Scan) click here to find out more about what that is       I had assumed I was getting it there but noooooo- they don’t do shit.  Long story short- because of everyone being back logged from the snow storm I wasn’t able to find a perinatologist with an availability within the 1 week window I needed it done.  The cut off is usually 14 weeks but all the places I called have a 13 week cut off.  I was having a huge meltdown because I really, really wanted the test done.  Skipping it would send me into a tailspin of paranoia.  I decided I was going to call Dr. Hux’s office in the slim chance they had an opening I would pay out-of-pocket for the test.  I’m not sure if any of you are dvr addicted to TLC channel’s A Baby Story like I am.  Dr. Hux is always on that show and I fell in love with him from day 1.  Here is what he looks like if you need a reminder…


I’ve always dreamed of having him as my OB.  He’s funny and relaxing and a great doctor.   But he is out of network for my insurance so it’s always been nothing but a fantasy for me.  The NT Scan is only $250 (small peanuts compared to what we’ve spent already) so I was OK with paying for it.  By the grace of God (thanks for smiling down on me) not only did Dr. Hux have an opening but I could use him as my OB.  It turns out that his office will bill my insurance and just accept whatever they are paid and won’t bill me.  To top it off, the staff there is AMAZING!!!!  The woman who booked my appointment was so kind and friendly that I literally cried from relief when I got off the phone.

We had the NT Scan yesterday and everything looked perfect.  I still need to get the blood test done, which will be on Monday.  We are doing the Harmony test so that will be in place of the blood test for the NT Scan.  We are also opting to find out the gender.  The test results take about 1 week- eek so exciting!

Dr. Hux has the 3D/4D ultrasound which was amazing to watch.  We got a few 2D pics that are boring…

photo 1

photo 2

Here is the 3D pic which I find incredibly adorable


And then supposedly once you capture the baby moving it becomes 4D.  This one totally creeps me out.  He/she looks like that creepy killer clown Pennywise from that Steve King movie…


I’m not a fan of these 3D/4D pics- too creepy.  They look like melting wax babies and I rarely, rarely see a good one.  Although I do have to say my girlfriend has one of her baby pork chop that looks amazing- best I’ve ever seen.

Dr. Hux used to tour with Glenn Campbell so he has a few of his own CD’s.  He gave us 2 different CD’s and he gave us an autographed copy of his book Nine Healthy Months  Did I mention how much I love this man?  At the check out desk they have a huge shelf with all different stuffed animals on it.  We asked what that was for and they said you can buy a stuffed animal and then they record your baby’s heart beat and put it in the stuffed animal so you can continually listen to it.  I’m totally getting that done next time.  And I already checked they have a monkey 🙂

So all that is the good news- now for the not so good news.  You may or may not know that I only have about 1/2 of my cervix.  We can blame stupid HPV for that nonsense.  I’ve always known I would eventually need a cerclage (stitching of my cervix) but I didn’t think it would be until the 3rd trimester.  Apparently the weight of the baby pushing on the cervix can cause the cervix to open and, in lay man’s terms, the baby can pretty much fall out.   Dr. Hux does not want to take any chances so he wants to do the cerclage ASAP- as in next week ASAP.  I’m going in on Tues. at 6:30 am for a 7:30 am procedure.  He said the actual stitching only takes about 3 minutes but there is a whole bunch of prep and nonsense that goes on around it.  Here’s an idea of what they are going to do…



Looks like fun right?  NOT!!!  I have to be on pretty strict bed rest for 2 days but will be able to go back to work on Friday.  I asked about my chances of needing prolonged bed rest in the future.  He said he will continually monitor my cervix but in most cases his patients are able to avoid prolonged bed rest.  That’s great news!  Now the only thing I’m freaking out about is the spinal block.  I can’t imagine that a needle in the spine is going to feel good.  It’s not an epidural but it is similar.  It’s actually what they use when you get a C-section.  If a cerlage is going to keep this Punkin safely nestled in my uterus for the next 6 months I’m all for it.  The sucky part is no sex while I have it.  Poor Mike already hasn’t had it in going on 4 months.  He’s looking at another 6 months and then at least 6 weeks post delivery.  I guess I better go to Costco and stock up on lotion and tissues.


11 responses to “Not So Quick Update

  1. Kitten says:

    That’s so awesome about Dr. Hux! Sounds like you’re in great hands. Good luck with your cerclage!

  2. Anonymous says:

    So happy for you! I’m glad you got the doctor you wanted, and it sounds like they are being as tentative as they absolutely should be. I think you’ll be in great hands for the next few months.

  3. Megan says:

    Wow, that’s awesome that you get to use Dr. Hux as your OB!! Good luck with the cerclage appointment!

  4. Lauren says:

    Just wanted to say good luck with the cerclage. Your chances of a successful outcome are MUCH higher when you get the cerclage done earlier in your pregnancy before your cervix shortens (known as a preventative cerclage), rather than waiting until your cervix has already shortened significantly to get the cerclage (which is known as an emergency or emergent cerclage). So, I am glad to hear your doctor has scheduled your cerclage for next week. I also had mine at 13 weeks – getting the spinal block wasn’t bad at all. I am now 25 weeks and everything continues to look good (knock in wood).

  5. Anonymous says:

    Don’t worry about the spinal! Getting the IV put in my hand hurt more than the spinal. With the spinal, I barely felt a thing. I had my cerclage put in at 20 weeks … At my 20 week ultrasound my cervix was only 1.5cm 😦 I got the cerclage 2 days later and I’m happy to say I’m 30 weeks, 2 days right now. Cerclages are wonderful! But I’m terrified to get it taken out – my dr says it’s an in office procedure with no pain medication. Um, ouch?

    So glad you got the doctor you wanted!! 🙂

    • my1111wish says:

      From what I read its painless to have it removed and no different than a pap. I’ve had cervical biopsies with no numbing so they basically snip a piece of your cervix so if I can handle that then I’m sure the removing of the stiches will be a breeze lol. Best wishes to you. Are you getting it taken out at 37 weeks? That’s when he said mine would come out.

      • Anonymous says:

        I was told mine would come out at 36 weeks but that could change depending on what my cervix is doing. I go every two weeks for a lovely wand up the lady parts ultrasound to check on the cerclage and to measure cervical length. It seems to stay between 1.7-2.2cm which my dr says is stable. If it stays ‘stable’ it’ll come out at 36 weeks. If it shortens to something like 0.5cm, it’ll come out sooner so I can deliver naturally.

        I hope it doesn’t hurt getting it taken out so thank you for saying that! 🙂

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