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I’m Baaa-ck…

on January 3, 2014


Hey peeps- I looked out my window this morning and saw this…


Stupid Chris Christie issued a State of Emergency so my OB office closed.  Doesn’t he know what’s happening in my uterus is MY state of emergency?  UGH!  So now I have to call on Monday to re-schedule my appt.  It took long enough to get the 1st one.  Let’s hope they can fit me in before my due date.   I was really looking forward to this appt for many reasons.  One of them being sex approval lol.  My RE said we could “ease into it” (to which Mike asked “does that mean just the tip?”) but I was going to wait for the OB’s approval.  I’m guessing Mike must be pretty hard up considering what he added to our grocery list…


By the way, if you don’t have Cozi I encourage you to download it.   It’s a shared app (you can share it with anyone you want) and has a shopping list, calendar, to do list and a few other things.  Its been great for us- we even shared our christmas wish lists on there.  I’m glad he noted that the anal lube was for me and not him lmao!  I’m also laughing at the order of the list and what was going thru his mind…”we need crackers, haha- crack, like butt crack, yeah and bananas- my banana can go in her crack if I had some lube, which reminds me- I need to shave”.   Disclaimer- for the record, nothing goes in my crack- its wishful thinking like when I put 1,000 jelly donuts on the shopping list- not happening!

Since we are snowed in (its 2:30 and they haven’t plowed my street yet) this is what’s going on  inside my house…

Xbox One being played by a 41-year-old boy on a too-big tv in very loud surround sound


A very dramatic sissy la la pitbull who is shivering from the cold because he has a huge vagina


A snoring cat


A dingo in a tiger cage.  What???  Doesn’t everyone have a $555, 125 lb.  tiger cage in their bedroom? 


Sooooo, because I hate Xbox and I don’t feel like sleeping you are in luck!  Once I finish adding up my IVF receipts (I’m at $16,978 so far) I’m going to look at my blog drafts and finish at least one.  I’ve been holding off on finishing them because I’ve started a few topics that are a little on the controversial side and are bound to piss a few people off.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I get banished from a few infertility forums for my forked tongue.  Here’s a little sample of what you have to look forward too…

-Baby Momma Drama (my F-U to those who feel we should be married before we have a baby- like the anal lube request- not happening)

-Forum Etiquette (my F-U to those annoying forum posters who feel it’s ALL about them)

-Right to Tellers (my F-U to the devout preachers in the EXTREME “tell” camp)

I’ll be trolling Twitter and a few forums for some other topics to give my F-U to but if you have any ideas drop me a line.   Until then- see you on the F-U side lol.


4 responses to “I’m Baaa-ck…

  1. Can’t wait for some F-U posts!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Where’s the posts?? :p

  3. Lisette says:

    Bring on the FU posts girl!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Bring on the FU posts. I agree with you on all of the three.
    I can’t believe people judge you for not being married. Let them walk a mile in your shoes. People have their own reasons for doing things and you have your own reasons for not being married. I don’t need to know them and I don’t judge you for it.

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