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Another Thing To Be Thankful For

on November 26, 2013


My girlfriend Lisa shared some great news with me today.  Her adoption profile is now live and listed on an agencies website.  That means she’s a big step closer to having her family- YAY!!!

Lisa & Finn are like most of my readers.  They have dealt with years of infertility, miscarriages and failed IVF cycles.  They decided recently that they were going to pursue adoption.   I’ve had a few friends that have chosen the adoption route.  Like the rest of infertility its a scary roller coaster of ups and downs.  “How many follicles will I produce?” and “What will my beta be?” are replaced with “Will a birth mother pick me?” and “Will she change her mind?”.   Please keep them in your thoughts and prays that their dream to be parents is fulfilled soon.

If you know of a birth mother looking to place their baby for adoption please let her know about Lisa and Finn- they will make amazing parents!


3 responses to “Another Thing To Be Thankful For

  1. damelapin says:

    I like how it´s done in the us – for a pregnant woman to be able to give up her child to whom she chose. It´s sooo complicated in france that if u don’t want to adopt internationnally, u have to wait a minimum of 7 yrs…

  2. Caroline says:

    Thank you for sharing! Will be praying for them.

  3. Megan says:

    Congrats to your friend, that’s awesome!

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