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Will Has Really Been Getting A Workout

on November 14, 2013


In case you don’t know I have a shot woobie.  His name is Will.  For an explanation of Will’s history you can read my original blog about him here-

I mostly used Will during my own egg cycles.  I also used him in my 1st donor egg cycle when I was getting my PIO shot for the 1st time. At this point I’m pretty much a shot pro so I hadn’t been needing him.  He’s been sitting on my night stand guarding me while I sleep.  However, last week I moved him to the kitchen and have been squeezing him nightly when I get my shots.  We saw blood on the draw back for the 1st time.  That didn’t hurt but it sucked having to get injected again.  It rarely happens but I guess when you get enough shots its bound to happen to you eventually.  I’m super, super sore from my shots so they have been hurting a lot lately.  Sometimes it hurts so bad that I yell out or curse the whole time the oil is being injected.  And if you’ve ever had a intramuscular shot you know those oils need to be injected very, very slow- its torture!   I can’t even imagine what my neighbor’s would think if they could hear me.  Thank God its cold outside so all the windows have been shut.    I’ve gotten to the point that I can’t get comfortable at night.  I toss and turn all night looking for the perfect angle that doesn’t kill me.  I feel like my entire lower back and butt are a bruise and someone is constantly pushing on it.  I also have some parts of my butt that have gone numb.  Not totally numb that I can’t feel anything but more like surface numb.  You know when you go to the dentist and get Novocain and rub your hand on your cheek.  You can feel the sensation that something is there but you can’t actually feel it.  That’s what I have in my numb spots.   I had an itch on one of my numb spots and scratched it so hard it actually bled.   I’m a hot mess lol.  But it will all be worth it.  I will continue to endure that pain for another 8-10 weeks if that means its feeding my pumpkin and making him/her healthy.  I feel the worst for Will.  By the time this pumpkin is born I may have already squeezed his head off.  Can a baby still adore a headless monkey?


2 responses to “Will Has Really Been Getting A Workout

  1. Anonymous says:

    Another beta today?? Hoping its a great number but have a good feeling that it will be 🙂

    Squeeze the hell out of that monkey!

  2. damelapin says:

    Hope it’s a great number!!! I love this woobie idea! so cute

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