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And So It Begins…

on November 6, 2013


OK- I want you all to take this post exactly for what it is: pre-game.  We have not yet won the super bowl or anything we are just tailgating for now.

{TMI ALERT}  Yesterday I had 3 (yes I counted them) brown spots in my underwear.  I also had some brown tinted toilet paper each time I wiped.  It lasted for about an hour.  And just to be a total freak I took a picture of my underwear to show Mike.  No, I will not post it here but he’s such a sissy about things and I love, love, love to gross him out.  Its paybacks for all the times he says or does things to purposely make me dry heave.  {END OF TMI ALERT}  As expected he turned green when I showed him and said, “(mylastname) what the hell is wrong with you?!”  We often call each other by our last names when we are shocked or grossed out by something lol.  But I told him it was most likely implantation bleeding and that it was a good thing.  Yesterday was 5 days since my transfer (5dp5dt) so I know it’s too early  to break out the pee sticks.  On my way to vote I stopped at CVS and just happened to find myself walking down the feminine care/family planning aisle.  Something caught me eye- they had the First Response tests (the super good ones) on sale.  I know, I know, I did say I was going to boycott them (refer to a previous post ) but they really do have the best home pregnancy test.  Plus they are normally $16.99 for a 2 stick pack but they were on sale for $11.99 AND they had one of those $1 off coupons on the front so for $10.99 I couldn’t resist the bargain.  I bought 2 boxes lol.

You all know how much like Rainman I am.  Well, I had 4 pee sticks and now I had to figure out when to use them.  Today is day 6 so I decided I would do 1 this morning, 1 tomorrow (Thurs) morning, 1 Friday morning and then 1 Saturday morning before I leave for beta.  I know day 6 is too early to get a positive but the math worked out nicely.  I’ve been guzzling water like its going out of style so of course I had to pee at 3am.  Somehow I managed to actually get pee on the stick so early in the morning, capped it, put it on the bathroom sink and went back to bed.  Why bother to wait since I was still half asleep and knew I wouldn’t see anything until at least day 7 or 8.  I woke up at 7 am and this was waiting for me


When Mike woke up I showed it to him.  He gave me a high-five and said that’s all the celebrating we are doing until we get our beta results.  The last time we prematurely celebrated a positive pee stick we got a 13 on beta- boo! So ladies and germs- no celebrating yet.  I just wanted to keep you in the loop of my happenings and ask that you continue to send those posi ju ju vibes my way.


10 responses to “And So It Begins…

  1. Ok u guys don’t have to celebrate if u don’t want to. byt 6dp5dt isn’t too early for a positive. that’s like 11dpo right? I think my positive beta was on 13 dpo and it would have been at 11 too. but i understand ur reasons for waiting to celebrate completely. fingers crossed though and lots of sticky vibes!

  2. Dipitie says:

    No celebrating, but two lines is better than one!

  3. Yay for two lines. Here’s hoping for a good beta!

  4. Anonymous says:

    yeah!!!! what great news!!!

  5. Caroline says:

    Yay for 2 lines!!! I don’t think that is to early plus they look really dark!

  6. redbluebird says:

    I agree– two lines are better than one! And that’s a sufficiently dark line for 6dp5dt. So happy to hear your good news!!!

  7. Mallivan says:

    I am so excited! Not celebrating either, but love that it’s going good so far. I never can celebrate until I am holding a baby in my arms. 🙂 Can’t wait to see your beta numbers!!!!

  8. Megan says:

    Fingers crossed and lots of sticky dust your way!!

  9. Lauren says:

    Soooo excited to read this post! Sending lots of positive thoughts your way!

  10. This post makes me so happy for you! So ecxcited to see one of us Fertility Community peeps getting a positive!

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