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I Knew This Day Would Come

on November 5, 2013


Good grief Charlie Brown!  The EX-friend that prompted my blog- The Pregnancy That Broke The Camels Back had her baby yesterday.  Her husband now is the “custodian” at my office so of course the announcement was made at work.  Barbara was out of the office yesterday so I managed to avoid that confrontation.  She was in today and didn’t sit with me at lunch but talked loud enough so I could hear every detail.  I tuned her out and have yet to congratulate her on her daughter’s spawning.


3 responses to “I Knew This Day Would Come

  1. newtoivf says:

    Oh my Lord. She and her mother sound like a freaking nightmare. So sorry you have to deal with this on a daily basis. It hurts so much when it happens to the undeserving 😦

  2. Smile says:

    Wowzers. Just read the full story on the original post. Freaking nightmare, indeed…

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