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The Dark Side Is Calling Me…

on November 4, 2013


Damn those pee sticks!  They are calling to me- taunting me, haunting me.  “Pee on me!!!!!!!”  That’s all I can hear.  It’s too early.  Stop calling to me you evil little things.   Be Gone Pee On!

I found this online.  I might stop at Target on my way home lol.




5 responses to “The Dark Side Is Calling Me…

  1. dipitie says:

    I’ve never been one to pee on sticks. I had a short LP the first six months of TTC so was bleeding even before I could think about peeing. Then I had such a lack of hope that I preferred to prolong the inevitable. I’m hopeful for you though!!! When is beta day?

  2. Jen says:

    Lmao about the rubik cube!

  3. slc611 says:

    I saw the rubik’s cube thing online the other day too. Had me LOL’ing! What day is your beta? Mine’s Thursday and I’m really trying to hold out too!

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