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It’s Transfer Week- YAY!

on October 28, 2013


Happy Monday ladies and germs!  I would normally not be so excited for a Monday but its transfer week so I’m excited about every day this week.  Mike left for his business trip at the butt crack of dawn today.  Normally I would slaughter him for waking me at 3:45 am but I don’t think anything is going to piss me off this week.  So if you have bad news or something that will normally piss me off then this week is the week to get it out of the way.  My mom will be doing my butt shots tonight and tomorrow night.  Since I get PIO every night and Delestrogen on Mondays and Thursdays she gets the treat of giving me not one but two shots tonight- lucky her!

I had a little hiccup in my enthusiasm when I went to the vamps this morning.  The nurse confirmed my transfer is Thursday and to be there at 12 pm “and don’t forget to call an hour before to see what survived the thaw.”  [insert sound of needle being dragged across a record]  Surviving the thaw- yup that’s one worry I forgot about.  Of course as soon as I got to work I was busy on the computer looking up my clinic’s thaw survival rate.  It is over 80% so I’m not completely frantic but that worry is still there.  I know that it only take a little bit of time to thaw and they will keep thawing the embryos one by one until they get a live one but I only have 4!  They were graded as pretty good quality before they went into the freezer so I must have faith in my little frosties.  Fingers crossed that the 1st one thawed survives and becomes my baby.

While I was doing my frantic thaw research I came across the following site…

I go to IVF NJ and they are ranked #10 so I’m in good hands.  Ironically I started my IVF journey with the clinic that ranked #9 but their donor egg program was small.  The average wait time to be matched with a donor was 10-12 months as opposed to 3 months at my current clinic.   The Gemini in me couldn’t wait.  It’s scary to click through the age groups and see how the rankings change.

I’m going to acupuncture tonight and Wednesday night.  I’m hoping to be able to also get a massage on Wednesday so we can get the blood flowing in my body.

Thanks to everyone for the comments and emails.  Your support means so much to me- mwah!

PS- In case you don’t know what happens during a transfer here’s a little visual-


Basically (in total, total layman’s terms):

-you drink lots and lots of water until you feel like you’re going to pee yourself

-the embryologist gives you a picture of your embryo and you sign something giving them the permission for the transfer

-they have you take a Valium to relax yourself and your uterus

-you put on your scubs and walk into the procedure room where they strap your legs in the stirrups

-everyone comes in and introduces themselves

-they suck up the embryo into a tube

-with guidance from the ultrasound they put the tube in your va jay jay and into your uterus and then a little puff of air releases the embryo from the tube.

-they check the tube to make sure its out

-you have to lay there for a little while.  If you have to pee really bad they let you use the bed pan.  I do- I have NO shame!

-they give you instructions on what to do and not do and give you a paper with your 1st beta day

-hopefully in a few days your little embryo snuggles in and sticks around for the next 9 months

This is what my clinic does.  Some don’t let you have anyone else in the room.  Some don’t give you Valium.  Some don’t make you lay there for a while.  Some don’t let you use the bed pan.  I love my clinic 🙂


13 responses to “It’s Transfer Week- YAY!

  1. newtoivf says:

    Good luck! I’ll be going for my FET transfer next week and am v nervous about the thaw! X

  2. Caroline says:

    Love your explaination of how a transfer works! That is exactly how my clinic does it. I can’t wait for your transfer this week. The whole thawing thing makes me a little nervous too, but I am trying to ignore that part for now! Keep us updated:-)

  3. natjezzford says:

    No Valium for me, gutted! I’m excited for u. I have 1 week left til I test x

  4. Wow, I’ve been holding off on researching too much on what goes into a transfer because I didn’t want to know until I knew when I’d be doing it. That’s the first I’ve been aware of having to drink lots of water. I have a small bladder and will not be looking forward to that part!

  5. Stephanie says:

    Good Luck! I have my transfer tomorrow. I look forward to following you through your TWW.

  6. slc611 says:

    I go to IVF NJ too. Love them there! Had no idea they are #10 in the country. That is awesome!
    We had our transfer yesterday and lost 1 embie in the defrost process but we were able to transfer 2. So i hope you have great luck! Praying for you!

  7. Megan says:

    Good luck this week, I really hope everything goes smoothly!!!

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