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Pumpkey Turkin

on October 23, 2013


I go for another lining check tomorrow and if she is not 8 or more she is going to get punched (I mean my uterus not my doctor).  I’m going to Mr. Miyagi tonight to get some more spikes darted into me.  I’ve been drinking my pomegranate/blueberry juice like crazy as well as lots of warm teas.  Last night I finally bought a real heating pad.  I’ve been using those rice or bean bags that you put into the microwave.  If you put them in for 1 minute they aren’t hot enough and 2 minutes makes them too hot.  Then by the time they are just perfect they are starting to cool down and you have to nuke it again.  Plus they have a weird smell to them.  I use them for my butt shots and have never had a problem but I only use it for 1 minute or so.  I did it on my tummy for the first time the other night and it sucked.  I don’t know if I burned my skin because it was too hot or I had a reaction to whatever that smell is inside (ignore the tattoo and the funny angle that makes my belly button look like the grand canyon)


It didn’t really hurt but it looks creepy.  I was a little sore to get my Lupron shot so regular heating pad is the way to go from now on.  My belly looked better by the next day.

So everyone cross their fingers and toes (not your legs- wave those up in the air) and hope that I have a good, fluffy lining tomorrow.  I have to transfer by Oct 31 to be able to call this embryo a pumpkin.  Once we get into Nov it becomes a turkey.

PS- Mom came over on Mon to do my shots for me.  She did a GREAT job- yay Mom!  I could tell from the heart beating out of her chest that she was incredibly nervous but she sucked it up and got the job done.  She will be a great shot girl on Mon and Tues while Mike is away.



7 responses to “Pumpkey Turkin

  1. Caroline says:

    Hoping your lining is behaving!

  2. I really hope ur lining is as fluffy as a marshmallow! so glad u have a back up shot person. i didn’t and when the hubby was having a bad day, i swear he jabbed those needles harder than usual. lol.

  3. Dipitie says:

    You uterus better cooperate if she knows what’s good for her!

  4. Jen says:

    Lol, I hope she behaves and you don’t have to punch her!

  5. hopobopo says:

    tell your lining to plump up or else!

  6. damelapin says:

    Hope your lining will be great! I like this pumpkin pic 😉 And great job to your mum!

  7. newtoivf says:

    am sending thickening vibes to your lining!

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