Starting Our Family

The reality of infertility, IVF and donor eggs

Temporary Position Available?

on October 21, 2013


I forgot to include this little tidbit in my last post about my uterus hating me.  Mike is scheduled to be in Los Angeles next Monday and Tuesday.  My luck that’s when my RE will want to do the transfer.  I would be half tempted to do it to prove a point.  I told him it wasn’t a good idea to schedule the business trip so close to my transfer just in case it was delayed.  Being a man of course he didn’t listen and now it could come back to bite him in his stubborn, non-listening ass.  Truth be told I wouldn’t really do the transfer without him.   It’s bad enough that we can’t get pregnant naturally.  He at least needs to be in the room when the doctor knocks me up.   If it winds up being ok to transfer early in the week I will just have them push it off a day or 2.  I would still like to have it in Pregtober if possible so my pumpkin doesn’t become a turkey.  Oh well, I will however relish in the chance to tell Mike “I told you so!”

My mom is going to give me my butt shots while Mike is away.  She is coming over tonight to “practice” while Mike is around to watch her and make sure she does it correctly.  I feel way more comfortable doing it that way opposed to us trying to wing it on our own with no Plan B.  Usually when the 2 of us get together and try to build or fix something it becomes a hysterical laughing, peeing in our pants comedy routine.  For fun we once went in the porn section of a video store and were literally on the floor crying from the titles and the dvd cover pictures.  We were howling laughing and left the store in tears with sore bellies.  But having her come over to “practice” with 2 inch needles in my ass makes me thing of a different movie title- Basic Instinct- and I’m not talking about the scene where she crosses her legs.  I’m thinking more of her and the ice pick- yikes!



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