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Koo Koo Choo Choo

on October 7, 2013


I would like to start this post by giving a big FUCK YOU shout out to Monday!  Yesterday I had a killer Lupron headache from hell.  It had me couch-bound all day and only got worse when the Giants lost their 5th game in a row- grrr!

I went to bed early but didn’t get much sleep because my head was pounding all night.  Of course everyone tells you to drink plenty of water when you have a headache.  So I did and then I had to get up 4 times to pee.  I woke up to a loud alarm clock shouting in my face and yup I still had that headache.  Mind you I was waking up an hour and 15 minutes earlier than usual so I could get to the vampires.  And don’t forget I already have an extra half hour tacked onto my morning routine now that I cut all my hair off and can’t just throw it in a pony tail anymore- blech.  I took my shower and blow dried my hair straight and then took the dogs for a walk.  It was humid as hell and windy so by the time I got back inside I looked like I had just woken up and didn’t do a thing to my hair.  I attempted to use the straightening iron but my frizzy mop was already too far gone and I was in a rush.  On my way to the vamps I looked down and noticed I was wearing the flip flops that I threw on to walk the dogs- CRAP!!!!  I have a few clients coming in so flip flops would be a no-no not to mention that I was wearing all black and the flip flops were bright blue.  FML!  So after the new girl stuck me right through my vein I rushed home to switch shoes, throw the dog some Xanax (since we are expecting a severe thunderstorm) and rushed to work without being late.

By the time I got to work I looked like this…


Next I got into a Facebook fight with someone.  I commented on someone’s else’s post and the guy, Michael, that commented before me thought I was talking about him (when I was really referring to Mike my boyfriend)  so he writes “…either way did you wake up on the wrong side of Thebes this morning? Or are you always this abrasive and confrontational?”  WTF does that even mean- Thebes?  So I called him a douche and then it got a little ugly from there.  Wahhhhh!!!!!!   I want to go home!

On a positive note, my transfer socks were delivered today- YAY!


They are as insanely fabulously obnoxious as I was hoping for!  And you know the best part (I must have missed this in the description) the dogs bark!  If you squeeze their heads they bark lmao.  That’s awesome!

I took a break from writing this post and checked FB and found out one of my friend’s has a super 2nd beta- woo hoo!!!!!!!!   Sooooooo happy for her- another one that’s “earned it”.

And on another positive note I just got the call from my nurse that its OK to start the Delestrogen tonight AND I get to drop the Lupron down to 10 units per night- YAY!!!!  Usually when I start taking the Delestrogen and lower the Lupron my headaches start to fade.  So I’m now on Delestrogen butt shots every Monday and Thursday for the next 14 weeks (God willing).   I’m not thrilled to be getting shots in my ass again but so far that keeps us on schedule for a Oct 25th transfer.  Up next: vamps AND twat cam on Monday- party!


2 responses to “Koo Koo Choo Choo

  1. slc611 says:

    I started my bum shots last night too… i started getting headachey from the Lupron, but then i couldn’t tell if it was that or dumb AF showing her head round my girl parts.

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