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3 More Fridays!

on October 4, 2013


EEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKK!  I’m squealing with excitement.  In 3 more Fridays I will be a PUPO Princess (pregnant unless prove otherwise).  I go to the vampires on Monday and hopefully I will get to start the Delestrogen shots that night.  Hopefully?  Never thought I would ever actually want to start getting shots in my arse.  But hey its a small price to pay for what I’m hoping to be a big reward.  I have lots of sushi and wine to consume in these next 3 weeks.  For fellow winos, if you haven’t’ been drinking Ménage a Trois you need to start.  My wine racks can be stocked with $100 bottles and I still reach for my Ménage.  Well, honestly I never open the expensive ones because I always think I’m saving them for a special occasion.  Although the specialist of occasions would be me getting pregnant and then I won’t be able to drink.  Ugh- ok, ok I’ll drink them now.  So anywho, we all know I originally bought Menage a Trois for the name but then once I tried it I was hooked!  I need to point out that the one I drink is the California Red.  I’ve had the Pinot Nior and I wasn’t crazy about it.  And the best part about this wine…its cheap!  I usually get it at the Wegman’s Liquor Store for $8.99 a bottle.  Diva Danny is a total wine snob and he LOVES this wine.  Ok go run out now and get it.


Another wine I was recently exposed to is Seaglass.  I had the Sauvignon Blanc (which I normally don’t like) but this was very yummy.  I was shocked because I really don’t like white wine.  I used to drink the Santa Margarita Pinot Grigio but I started disliking that too.  The Seaglass is very light and it didn’t give me a headache.  And once again- its cheap!  Less than $10 a bottle.  When you consume wine in the quantities that I do you need to either drink it from the box or find a cheap bottle.


Sorry my PUPO post got distracted by the wine.  So in these next 3 weeks I’m going to be a wine drinking, sushi eating, coffee guzzling, nymphomaniac, junk food junky.  OK maybe not nymphomaniac but I’m gonna try to do some lay down dancing at least 6 times before my transfer (translation: twice a week).  OK maybe not 6 times.  In reality it will be more like 3 times (translation: once a week).  OK maybe 3 times is pushing it.  It’s probably going to be more like “when the mood strikes me” (translation: maybe once if he’s lucky).  Damn I feel bad for M just typing that.  Speaking of PUPO and sex deprived M I came across this picture while looking for a pregnant princess…


How creepy is that?  And the hat has a “M” on it lmao.  I’m not sure if the M depicted in this pic is a man or a woman or what the “Happily Ever After” in this story could possibly be.  And what is that between her legs?  Is that a bowling ball?  It kinda looks like one but then by her feet there is something that looks like a hamburger with a seeded bun or tomato on top.   Gross- this picture is giving me the douche chills (shameless Howard Stern reference).

On a happy note, here is another picture I found while stalking the internet for pregnant princesses…


Yup- I’m getting that one day soon!  And of course its at one of my favorite online stores Cafepress.  Have a great weekend!


One response to “3 More Fridays!

  1. slc611 says:

    I supposedly start my ass shots Monday too! Whoo hoo! In the meantime, AF just got here and she’s making me a hungry beast. And I may have just gotten my first Lupron headache? I’m with you on the sushi and wine and caffeine!

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