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Random Thought- Potato Chip IVF

on October 3, 2013

Bag of Potato Chips

While digging into a bag of potato chips today I started thinking how similar they are to IVF cycles.  You can’t eat just one chip and its rare that you can be successful with just one cycle of IVF (sorry to burst your bubbles ladies).  Both the chips and the cycles pack on the pounds and give you love handles.  Most of the time I feel like the broken greasy pieces at the bottom of the bag.  When I get half way through a bag I always cut the top off.  M hates that but I hate digging to the bottom and getting my entire arm all chippy and greasy.  My cycles make me feel like a chippy greasy arm.  I don’t really like potato chips but I eat them anyway.  I do it for the crunch and the salt.  I guess the same can be said for IVF cycles.   I don’t really like them but I do it for the possibility of…

Mr and Mrs Potato Head theme baby shower cake


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