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Its Transfer Month- YAY!!!!!

on October 1, 2013


Its October 1st therefore making it officially Frozen Embryo Transfer Month-woo hoo!  Ok it’s also the month Christopher Columbus came and raped and pillaged the Indians but how about 3 cheers for my transfer!

We are locked in for an Oct. 25th transfer which is good because it’s a Friday so I can just chill for a couple of days.  I took my last demon seed (birth control pill) on Sunday and I should be starting the Delestrogen shots on Monday.  Lupron has been somewhat good to me so far but its only been 6 days so it still has plenty of time to turn me into a beast.  I haven’t been having too many hot flashes and the headaches have been minimal.  I am however VERY bloated- like need my cycle-size clothes bloated.  Yes, I have several sizes of clothes based on where I’m at with my cycles.  Such is the joy of IVF.  I need new fashionable clothes but refuse to buy anything other than big baggie sweaters in hopes that I will be preggo soon.  Aside from the bloating I have been somewhat weepy, which I hate.  Oh yeah and I forgot about the Lupron induced dreams.  Holy crap its like Freddy Kruger in Wonderland- bizarre shit.  I think Lupron is really LSD in a syringe.

October is going to be awesome!





7 responses to “Its Transfer Month- YAY!!!!!

  1. newtoivf says:

    yay for #pregtober!

  2. ecutri says:

    good luck! I’m transferring on 10/31 so I am all for celebrating transfer month!

  3. slc611 says:

    Yay! My FET transfer is scheduled for the same week! Either the 23rd, 24th or 25th! We can be cycle buddies! My Lupron shots haven’t kicked in yet (i don’t think, never been on it before) either!

  4. Caroline says:

    Yay that is exciting! Can’t wait for you to transfer!!!!

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