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A Gift To Me, From Me

on September 27, 2013


I’m a sock person.  Well, I’m not specifically a sock person like I don’t have a sock fetish.  I’m more of an anti-naked foot person.  I’m the person who wears socks to bed.  I am NOT a foot person.  Do not put your feet anywhere near me.  If you do you risk losing them.  I’m not one of those people that loves crazy, colorful socks and likes to show them off.  I work with a person like that.  His crazy socks are always the focal point of every outfit.  That is not me.  Socks for me are more of a coverage necessity.  I don’t care to display them.  I have no problem not wearing socks with my shoes.  But when I don’t have shoes on then socks are a must.  If by some tragedy I have to take off my shoes and I do not have socks then I walk on my tippy toes.  I’ve been doing this since I learned to walk.  M thinks its cute and laughs when he sees me doing it.  I find it embarrassing and since I do it subconsciously I can’t stop it hence my sock obsession lest I be mocked.

My sock drawer is split in 3 sections: 1) socks to wear with shoes 2) socks to wear to bed 3) socks to wear around the house

Typically my house socks are those big fuzzy ones.  I don’t care if they have the rubber non-slip things on them or not.  Actually I prefer that they don’t have them- they dig into my delicate feet lol.  Whenever I know I’m going to have my feet up by someone’s head I’m very picky about which socks I choose.  WAIT!  That totally didn’t sound right- let me clarify.  Whenever I’m going to the gynecologist and more recently the RE for ultrasounds (ie: twat cam) I’m picky about my socks.  If my feet are going to be in stirrups I prefer to be wearing house socks.  Those are the pretty kind.  And yes, I specifically pack them in my purse and don’t go parading into the office with wigwams.

When I found out you can wear socks during your transfer I was thrilled!  Of course being a Gemini it was not easy to select a pair.  My favorite pair are pink but I was afraid if I wore pink then that would possibly make me have a girl and I didn’t want my socks to dictate the sex of my baby (yes I’m that crazy).  I decided to wear a pair that had snowmen on them (in honor of our frozen embryos).  When it came time to pick my socks for my hysteroscopy I went ahead with the favorite pink ones.  I did notice that the bottoms of my house socks are getting a little worn and dingy looking so I made a mental note to get TRANSFER SPECIFIC socks for this next cycle.  God forbid the RE and nurses see the worn bottoms of my socks and judge my mothering skills by them (hey I already told you I was crazy).  So I would buy them and wash them (yes pre-wear wash is a must!) and not wear them until the day of transfer.

I’ve been keep my eye out for a pair I could bond with.  I haven’t been able to find a pair that jumped out at me until today.  I was completely bored at work and decided to visit a website that I like to frequent The Animal Rescue Site   Not only is the stuff there super cute but every time you buy something a portion of the money goes to feed shelter animals.  At the end when you check out it tells you how many bowls of food your order is making.  Today my purchases funded 70 bowls of food- yay!  Check out the website when you get a chance.  Its run by The Greater Good and at the top you will see a links for Hunger, Breast Cancer, Animals, Veterans, Autism, Diabetes, Literacy and Rainforest.  Each link has the same concept of a portion of your purchase going toward that organization.  OK that was my Public Service Announcement for the day now back to my socks!  Are you dying to see them?????

Drum roll please….


How freaking cute are they????  OK, yes they are blue but I wasn’t in the mindset of “my baby will be a boy” (well maybe I was) but they have paw prints and puppies on them.  I freaking LOVE animals!  And little Frito smelling puppies what could be sweeter?  Oh crap- a thought just flashed through my head (scary I know).  What if these socks will really represent my transfer not working and it will be a lifetime of fur-only babies for me?  Holy shit.  No- I can’t think like that.  These were purchased on a website that benefits homeless animals there’s gotta be good karma in that.  Right?????

While I was clicking through the check out portion of the site I saw this cup and had to buy it.  I’m supposed to drink a ton of water during my 2 week wait so what better way to water my embryo than drinking from a beautiful cup with an inspiring message.


Now we just need to keep our fingers crossed that my items aren’t on back order and they arrive in time for my transfer.

Disclaimer:  I know this blog was mainly about socks but I need to make something clear so some of my readers (Mom & Starr) don’t go getting any bright ideas.   You know how I hate peas yet love split pea soup.  In the same vein of insanity- I love monkeys and love socks yet hate, hate, hate sock monkeys.  Its even possible that  I hate sock monkeys as much as I hate clowns.  So please don’t get me a collection of sock monkeys for Christmas.


6 responses to “A Gift To Me, From Me

  1. damelapin says:

    Oh my – i love them! You’re not insane, i could do the same thing and have the same rationality (never wear red nail varnish on transfer day or result day as it symbolises blood so it will be negative)…

  2. Lisette says:

    This is fantastic. Rooting for you!

  3. slc611 says:

    I loved this post, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE those socks! I vote good karma since the money goes to a good cause! I think I need to get myself a pair in time for my transfer too!

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