Starting Our Family

The reality of infertility, IVF and donor eggs


on September 25, 2013


Well ladies and germs say good-bye to my sanity.  As of tomorrow there will be no more rational me.  No more strong, bad ass truck driver mouthed confident woman.  Yup- that’s all going out the window and being erased by Lupron.  Ahhh yes, for the next few weeks I will be a sobbing, emotional, irrational, nut case with a bloated belly and a killer headache.  I will be quickly exiting Normalville- ride is over and ticket booth is closed.  All aboard the crazy train!


5 responses to “Looney-pron

  1. Lisette says:

    I’m not on even Lupron and you just described me! Welcome aboard!

  2. a.e.g. says:

    Haha looney-pron, very true! Good luck with the suppression med from hell. 😦

  3. slc611 says:

    omg is that how lupron is??? i’m starting my first FET cycle soon with it… i feel like i’ve had everything BUT lupron before… glad to know what i should be looking forward to. besides all the shots in the ass… Riiiiight, those are gonna be fun too, so i’ve heard. LOL!

    • my1111wish says:

      I react no differently to Lupron than I do to any of the other drugs- I’m a hot mess all around. Actually I have the worst time with the BCP- the other just make me sad. The butt shots really aren’t as bad as you’re thinking them to be in your head. If you do them in the right spot you will barely even feel it. Its just after a while you get a little sore. It’s not painful just sore.

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