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Will We Get A Trick Or Treat??? (revised dates)

on September 9, 2013


This post has been revised from earlier today with new dates.  They had to push the transfer off another week so I can be on BCP pills longer.

Now that Demon Aunt Flo has arrived I was finally able to get a schedule for my FET (frozen embryo transfer).   It looks like the transfer will be either Oct 24 or 25- woo hoo!  This little embryo will be referred to as pumpkin since we will find out the results around Halloween.

My schedule will officially start tomorrow when I swallow my birth control pill.  Ugh- back on the demon seed.   I’ve only had 2 days rest on it- boo! 

This is my schedule…

Frozen Embryo Transfer Cycle 

Thursday 9/26/13 Blood test.  Pending results, Lupron will begin today at 20 units daily.  In addition, begin prenatal vitamins.
Sunday 9/29/13 Stop birth control pills.  Expect your period in 3-5 days.
Monday 10/7/13 Blood test (estradiol level).  If estradiol is appropriate (low), Delestrogen will begin today.  Delestrogen is given by intramuscular injection twice weekly.  Lupron continues but dosage decreases to 10 units daily.
Monday 10/14/13 Blood test (estradiol level).  You will be called with a dosage for your Delestrogen injection today and after all future blood tests.
Thursday 10/17/13 Blood test (estradiol level) and transvaginal ultrasound to measure endometrium.  If endometrium is adequate, the transfer will be scheduled. 
6 days prior to transfer Discontinue lupron.  Begin Progesterone ½ cc by intramuscular injection today.
5 days prior to transfer Increase Progesterone to 1cc and continue daily.  Begin Medrol 16 mg and Cipro XR 500mg daily for four days.
Monday 10/21/13 Blood test (estradiol and progesterone levels).
Approx 10/24-25/13 Transfer.  Instructions will be given at this time for future blood tests.
Approximately 10 days after transfer Pregnancy test day!


  • The morning of your transfer, call the embryologist to ensure that there is survival / growth of the thawed embryos.
  • One hour before your scheduled transfer, empty your bladder and begin to drink 1-2 bottles of water or juice.  DO NOT EMPTY YOUR BLADDER BEFORE THE TRANSFER.
  • Once you have spoken to the embryology team in our office, take your Valium (10 mg).
  • Do NOT drive yourself home from the transfer.  Do not operate any machinery or appliances.  Do NOT consume any alcoholic beverages.
  • You will need to spend the rest of your day off of your feet.  Please make the necessary arrangements.

You will be given additional instructions for blood tests at the time of transfer.  The Delestrogen and Progesterone injections will continue through the first trimester.  The prenatal vitamins continue throughout the pregnancy.


2 responses to “Will We Get A Trick Or Treat??? (revised dates)

  1. slc611 says:

    wow, your FET cycle sounds just like mine (i see your from jersey, so maybe we even go to the same clinic!)

    i just got started on the demon pills a few days ago, ugh. they are the worst! hang in there!


    • my1111wish says:

      I go to IVF NJ and do my monitoring out of the Freehold area. Are you there too? Maybe we can get a BOGO special 🙂 I used to go to RMA NJ when I was using my own eggs- I miss them

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