Starting Our Family

The reality of infertility, IVF and donor eggs

The Devil Inside Me

on September 9, 2013



Clearly I am being punished for being so cocky and bragging how easy my hysteroscopy was.  Last night I got my period (the 1st one since the hysteroscopy) and I was literally crying from the pain.  I typically have a high tolerance for pain but this was nothing like I’ve ever felt before.  I was dry heaving because I wanted to vomit from it.  I have never in my life been in so much pain.  I felt like my uterus was getting a deep tissue massage by a sumo wrestler with cheese graters for hands.    I didn’t bleed that much but I was passing clots and chunks of whatever that looked like corn flakes.  Shut up- I gave you a TMI Alert.  Today the pain is still present but not as intense.  I emailed my nurse to find out wtf is going on with me.  I seriously think I need an exorcism because the devil is living in my uterus.  If this is what child-birth is like then give me my epidural NOW!


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