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Nothing To Do In The Doldrums

on September 5, 2013


Ranking high on my favorite books list as a kid is The Phantom Tollbooth.  I equally loved the movie, which surprisingly enough portrayed the characters exactly as I saw them in my head. 

The Phantom Tollbooth is a story of a little boy named Milo who expectantly had a tollbooth arrive at his house.  Once he drives through it he enters another world where all sorts of crazy things happen.  At one point Milo drives into the Doldrums which is where the Lethargians live.  Life in the Doldrums is very boring and idle and thinking and laughing are outlawed.  I kinda feel like I’m stuck in the Doldrums like Milo.  He found out that he arrived in the Doldrums and was stuck there because he was bored and stopped thinking.  He got his car started and got out by starting to think again. 

I haven’t been blogging lately because nothing much is going on.  I’m idle in my cycle and there hasn’t been much controversy in Twitterville for me to complain about.   I need your help to get me out of the Doldrums.  Any suggestions on things to write about?  They don’t necessarily have to be IVF or infertility related.  Feel free to comment or private email me any suggestions to

And when you have a chance check out this book…




3 responses to “Nothing To Do In The Doldrums

  1. redbluebird says:

    Ohmygosh, I LOVE The Phantom Tollbooth, but somehow never knew there was a movie!!! I need to watch it. Sorry you’re stuck in the Doldrums 😦

  2. Margy says:

    I’m in the doldrums too. 😦

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