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Our Frosties

on August 23, 2013


I was able to find out the quality of our 4 frosties.  One is a AA and is hatching.  The others are expanded blasts and BB, BC, CB.  They were frozen individually so of course they will “defrost” the AA first.  I’m praying that one survives the thaw.  AA, quality wise, is better than the embryo we transferred.  Well, obviously since it didn’t work but the one we transferred was a B.  I’m not sure how much faith I put in grading systems though.  I’ve seen rock star embryos end in miscarriage and crappy embryos go on to be beautiful babies.  Plus we all know that properly dividing embryos do not necessarily mean they do not have chromosome abnormalities.  Its amazing (and scary) what a crap shoot this all is.   I was also able to find out that out of the 41 eggs retrieved only 28 were mature, hence only 15 fertilizing.  When you break it down statistically that works out correct.  I feel much better about it now. 

I found this online and have to have it!  When we transfer the next embryo and it works (because it WILL work) we will be left with 3 frosties.  Our baby will need this as a reminder of the 3 siblings he/she has chillaxin.  Karate chopping snowmen- how freaking adorable it that!



One response to “Our Frosties

  1. I love that binky! I’m glad the next transfer is such a great embaby.

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