Starting Our Family

The reality of infertility, IVF and donor eggs

My WTF Appointment

on August 23, 2013


Yesterday I had my WTF appointment.  According to my RE I was a prime candidate for success.  My lining and my levels were all perfect so she said it had to be the embryo.  Other than that she sees no reason why I would not be able to get pregnant and be a mommy.  She still wants to go ahead with the hysteroscopy next week.    While she is in there she will “clean me out”, do a scratch and a biopsy.  I told her to feel free to do whatever she wants as long as I’m put out.  The hysteroscopy WILL delay my schedule so I will not be transferring on Sept 26.  She wants me to give my uterus a little time to heal after the procedure.  I have to finish out this pack of birth control pills, get a period and then start my cycle.   We all know how much I love the pill- ugh!  I’m only in the first week of this pill pack so I have another 2 weeks on that before I will get my period and then when it comes I will start my cycle by going back on the pill for about another 2 weeks before I start the Lupron.  I’m guessing a transfer will probably be end of Oct or early Nov?  Hmmm, this could make for a blessed Thanksgiving- gobble, gobble.


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