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Up At Bat- Hysteroscopy!

on August 20, 2013


The shit never ends!  I got a call from my nurse last night.  Apparently every Monday night the RE’s get together for a little soiree and discuss patients.  Guess who was the topic of last night’s wine and cheese party?  Yup- ME!  It seems they are all perplexed as to why my transfer didn’t work.  Rumor has it that I had a beautiful fluffy uterus and excellent progesterone levels blah, blah, blah so I should have had success.  The gaggle of RE’s are recommending I have a “therapeutic hysteroscopy”.   The word therapeutic makes me think I’m signing up for a spa day but I’m not that lucky.  Last time I went to a spa it did not include general anesthesia, sharp instruments or blood.   

Basically my RE is going to send Freddy Kruger and Edward Scissorhands thru my va jay jay and up into my uterus where they will have a nice little battle.  I suppose their sharp finger fight will scuff up my uterus and produce some tissue samples- yummy!  The nurse said that after scratching up the uterus they have seen great success with implantation.  I guess it makes the embryo snuggle deeper or stick better or something.  In my head I envision it being similar to me using sandpaper on the bottom of new high heels so I don’t slip on the dance floor.  Although I’m too white to dance and usually need to be drunk before I will even attempt to dance and then I usually fall anyway so the sandpaper is more of a comfort zone for me.    Anywho, they like to do this approximately 1 month before a transfer.  My nurse said if I can get it done before I need to start Lupron (Aug 29th) then I can stay on schedule and still transfer at the end of Sept.  If not then my transfer will need to be delayed at least a month.

Well the OR scheduling nurse called me back a little while ago and I’m scheduled for 11 am on Wed Aug 28.  Of course I have to be there at 10 am.  Why don’t they just say 10 am?  That’s never made any sense to me.   Aug 28th is just 1 day before I’m supposed to start the Lupron so I hope I can stay on schedule.  Oh my my- talk about cutting things close (no pun intended).  I hope I don’t get cat scratch fever.


7 responses to “Up At Bat- Hysteroscopy!

  1. Hmmm. Well I didn’t have this but I did get the endometrial biopsy/scratch done the I started my lupron for the successful transfer. My RE really thinks its a load of crap that it does anything but I’m a believer that it DOES help!! 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    It doesn’t seem like you have any problem getting pregnant. Your embryo did implant and that’s why you got the HCG. Usually, if your eggs can’t implant, the HCG levels are really low, like close to nothing. So, I am not sure why your RE is recommending this. I think it’s egg quality as an issue.

  3. my1111wish says:

    My 1st beta was 13 so that’s pretty low. I dont think it could hurt to try it

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have heard positive stories about this procedure. Anything that can help little bean snuggle in there nice and tight is worth a try in my opinion. Good luck!! I have such a good feeling for you for this upcoming transfer 🙂

  5. Lauren says:

    I am also at IVF-NJ. I had a hysteroscopy (no mention of the term therapeutic)/scratch biopsy the month before my successful (so far…knock on wood) cycle. Fingers crossed for you…hang in there.

    • my1111wish says:

      Wow Congrats!!!!!!! Are you in the DE program or OE program?

      • Lauren says:

        Thanks! DE – just like you. I had a failed fresh cycle in April. I had my hysteroscopy/scratch biopsy on June 12th. My frozen transfer was on August 8th. It probably could have been a bit sooner, but there were some scheduling issues – on my part – that they had to take into account. So, I’m VERY newly pregnant, but so far (knock on wood) everything is looking good. I’ll be following your posts and crossing my fingers for you.

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