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Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda- Wasn’t

on August 19, 2013


Well,  I survived my weekend of house guests and a chemical pregnancy without shedding a tear.  Either I’m a super hero or I’m getting too used to dealing with infertility disappointment.   I’m guessing the latter since last I checked I was not sporting a cape.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to react once I started bleeding.  It started around 4pm on Friday.  I braced myself for the worst but it wasn’t as bad as I expected.  The cramps were not consistent but were pretty intense when they would come.  [TMI ALERT] Friday I had mild bleeding but Saturday night I was riding the cotton pony via tampon AND pad- ugh!  By the next morning it was back to mild and today it’s barely there.  [END OF TMI ALERT]  So in a nutshell it was the quickest period I’ve ever had. 

I couldn’t help but examine each tampon.  I don’t know what I was looking for since my nurse described the size of the embryo in my uterus as “a piece of dust in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich”.  Wow what a visual when you are passing clots- ewww.  I knew one of those tampons contained my piece of dust so I guess I wanted to have a moment of silence with each tampon before flushing it.   You might think that’s weird but everyone has their own way of dealing with loss. 

As to not be one to wallow in my sorrow I’ve already scheduled my next transfer.  Yes, the best way to move on is to actually move on.  So I’ve picked myself up, brushed off the metaphorical dust (pun intended) and already have my schedule.  If all goes according to plan my transfer will be either Sept 26 or 27.

Here’s my life for the next month and a half…

Thursday 8/29/13 Blood test.  Pending results, Lupron will begin today at 20 units daily.  In addition, begin prenatal vitamins.
Sunday 9/1/13 Stop birth control pills.  Expect your period in 3-5 days.
Monday9/9/13 Blood test (estradiol level).  If estradiol is appropriate (low), Delestrogen will begin today.  Delestrogen is given by intramuscular injection twice weekly.  Lupron continues but dosage decreases to 10 units daily.
Following Mon 9/16/13 Blood test (estradiol level).  You will be called with a dosage for your Delestrogen injection today and after all future blood tests.
9/19/13 Blood test (estradiol level) and transvaginal ultrasound to measure endometrium.  If endometrium is adequate, the transfer will be scheduled. 
6 days prior to transfer Discontinue lupron.  Begin Progesterone ½ cc by intramuscular injection today.
5 days prior to transfer Increase Progesterone to 1cc and continue daily.  Begin Medrol 16 mg and Cipro XR 500mg daily for four days.
9/23/13 Blood test (estradiol and progesterone levels).
Approx 9/26-27/13 Transfer.  Instructions will be given at this time for future blood tests.
Approximately 10 days after transfer Pregnancy test day!

I think the end of Sept. is a lovely time for a transfer.  My wtf appointment is this Thurs and I already have a list of questions for my RE.  I’m hoping this next transfer will be our little miracle.


4 responses to “Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda- Wasn’t

  1. Thank you for blogging. You have helped me, and others I’m sure, to understand a little more about what happens. I am scheduled to do my first IVF next month.

  2. I’m so glad you are already planning the next cycle. I think that will be very healing for you to know you have the next plan in place. I’ve been there examining the tampons… 😦

  3. newtoivf says:

    well done for getting back on the horse, glad the weekend wasn’t too bad for you x

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