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Toodles Fertility Community

on August 16, 2013


I can’t stand when people try to fix things that aren’t broken.  Pre-donor egg cycles I was an addict of Fertility Community.  Now I’m mainly on a different site but I still like to go to Fertility Community every once in a while and check in and see what’s happening.  Not anymore!  First of all, the forum section of the site has been down for the last few days without prior warning.  Second, the new layout sucks.  It’s so hard to navigate.  Its cold boring and sterile.  What was wrong with the old layout?  And where are the signature?  WTF?  Infertility is stressful enough but this is ranking a close 2nd.  Later alligator!


4 responses to “Toodles Fertility Community

  1. Oh ik!! I went on there this morning and i was so mad! It looked awful. 😦

  2. I agree. Toodles FC!! I was heavily into FertilityCommunity, but not anymore. I’m sure they’ll lose quite a few members and “old-timers” like myself from the change. So sad…. 😦

  3. Mallivan says:

    I agree! Why would they change it? And w/o siggys? That is how you keep up with peeps. Not right!

    • Mallivan says:

      Well I guess you can see them, but you have to go to your user settings and check a box. Still seems like they would have turned it on for us considering that was a big deal. The website is so slow. Maybe because they are still working on it? Hoping that is not here to stay. I do like the fact that now you can “like” posts.

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