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Confessions Of A Pee Stick Junkie

on August 8, 2013


Hey, don’t judge I like to be thorough lol.  Like I said in my previous post, I’m not sure how many positive sticks it will take to convince me that I’m preggo. 

I started chugging water like crazy before I went home yesterday.   I left work a half hour early because I knew I had to stop at the pharmacy for my purchases and start peeing so I could build my surprise for M. 


Yup, $69.51 worth of pee sticks in different varieties. 

I had to lay them out because I knew I didn’t have enough pee in me and I wanted to take the expensive ones first.   Technically you are supposed to use first morning urine or at least hold your pee for a few hours.  Ain’t nobody got no time for that! 


I took some digital ones first since they are supposedly the hardest to get a read on.  If they say its true it pretty much is true (even though I still can’t believe it).

tests yes

I literally sat on the toilet chugging water and texting with Starr.  At one point I had to put the phone down because I needed to concentrate lol.

So I would pee on them and then line them up on a towel while they “cured” hahaha.  Yes, I’m a psychopath I know lol.


After a while I was really just pissing straight water and the lines were getting harder and harder to read.  Out of all 10 tests I had 2 duds which I think were due to lack of actual urine in my pee.   I figured 8 was enough to make my surprise for M.  I’ll post those details in a separate blog.


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