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Not Even A Green Thumb Can Keep Them Away

on August 7, 2013


M takes great pride in our lawn.   It has to be a man thing because all that I care about is that its green.  But not M.  He spends hours cutting, trimming, blowing, edging, picking, etc.  We have the lawn of a psychopath.  You know the one with all the crisp white shirts lined up in the closet- hangers all facing the right way- who murders in his down time.  He (not me because I refuse to contribute to this) spends a ton of money with TruGreen or ChemLawn or Lawn Doctor or some grass company who comes often and sprays the lawn for whatever and fertilizes and all that crap I have no idea what.  So according to them we should have a perfect lawn- no weeds, no mushrooms, just perfect lush green grass.  Well, we do have that except one thing is added- Buttercups!  We’ve never had them before.   This past weekend I noticed several patches of buttercups all over the lawn.   They are beautiful.  I think its a fabulous coinsidence that we have a yard full of buttercups at the same time we have an egg donor named Buttercup.  Love, love, love!


5 responses to “Not Even A Green Thumb Can Keep Them Away

  1. Kass says:

    Wow, they did know when to show up! 🙂 I love buttercups too, but they don’t like our lawn. I would like them much better than crab grass, which takes up about 30% of our tiny backyard. We’re not like your M, though. We just try to make sure it stays relatively green, which isn’t easy, as our dog occasionally picks it as a pee spot, when we’re not looking, and this dog has amazingly toxic pee, which creates a dead spot almost instatnly. So we basically just patch it all the time with new grass. 😉 I’m awed though at the timing of buttercups in your lawn. 😀

    I have a question. I take progesterone inserts, is there a reason why you would take injections and not inserts? Are they supposed to work better? Just wondering if there’s a difference, since they seem like a real pain.

    When is your beta? (sorry if I missed that). Keeping fingers and toes crossed all the time for you, girl. Someone with your sense of humor will make a hell of a mom! 🙂

    • my1111wish says:

      I did the inserts once before and I was so grossed out by myself that I vowed never again lol. I was doing them 3 times a day and what that yuck comes out- ewww- couldn’t hack it. My beta was this morning- stay tuned!

  2. So awesome that they picked such awesome timing!

  3. Aww! So cute! I love buttercups, and I love the coincidence even more. 🙂

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