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Dear Body,

on July 26, 2013


Dear Body,

Have I told you lately that I love you?  I know I haven’t been very good to you over the years and more specifically within the last year.  I’ve subjected you to all kinds of cruel punishment and for this I am sorry.  I beg your forgiveness. 

We are now entering into a crucial time in our life.  We are going to try to have a baby.  I’m warning you now- this can’t work unless we all join forces. 

Brain– you poor thing filled with all sorts of hamsters constantly spinning on those wheels.  You are probably the most exhausted of all my body parts.  Lately you have been filled with “what ifs” but I now need you to concentrate.  Promise me only good thoughts will flow through you.  I’m going to need you to be smart and figure out how to respond to people’s rude questions.  You will be rewarded with lots of problems to solve.

Eyes–  I’ve forced you to stare at the computer for hours on end.  Constant research and blogging have made you weak.  I’ve forced you to gaze at countless pregnant bellies.  Promise me you will look to the future and only see good.  You will be rewarded with years and years of watching a child grow. 

Nose– all the drugs I’ve been taking have heightened your senses and repulsed you.  Things that you once liked are now too strong and smell bad to you.  Promise me you will stay powerful.  You will be rewarded with softer scents of lotion and baby powder.  Trust me, there is nothing sweeter than the smell of a baby. 

Ears– all the stories you’ve had to hear, all the advise, all the empty promises.  Please ignore all the noise.  Promise me you will stay keen.  You will be rewarded with wonderful sounds like the gentle coo of a baby. 

Mouth– I’ve forced countless pills into you.  I know some of them have left a nasty taste that is hard to get rid of.  Promise me you will continue to work and take what I give you.  You will be rewarded with planting kisses all over cute little baby body parts.

Breasts– You’ve been crushed several times with mammograms.  You’ve been swollen and sore from birth control pills.  Promise me you will rally your glands and produce milk to nourish a baby.  You will be rewarded with constant attention.

Heart– I know you’ve been broken so many times over the years.  Like Brain you’ve been abused.  But you’re a fighter and each time you get knocked down you come back stronger.  Promise me you will hang in there.  You will be rewarded with a love that you never knew existed. 

Stomach– I know I’ve been feeding you better lately but like Mouth you have had your fair share of pills.  I’ve filled you with medicines that make you queasy and sick.   Your outside has been pierced with loads of needles.  I know they hurt and make you bruise.  Promise me you will remain resilient and strong.  I’m going to need you to stretch to your limits to house this little one.  You will be rewarded with massages of coco butter.

Butt–  I know it’s not fun accepting a 2 inch needle every night.  But you’re big (very big) and strong too.  You can take it- I know you can.  Promise me you will behave and when this is all done I will try to make you smaller and firmer.  You will be rewarded with excercise as we push a baby stroller for long walks.

Vagina– ah, my sweet little cookie.  You have been repeatedly violated with twat cams.  I’ve filled you with Fun Dip and made you feel gross.  I know your nights of hot steamy action have been limited but you need the rest.  You will be getting a nice work out in 9 months so save your strength.  Promise me you will work when needed.  You will be rewarded with frequent visits from the guy you love and miss.

Uterus– I know you’ve been put through the wringer.  Saline injects, digging, scratching, polyps removed but you’ve been a good uterus so far.  I need you to now be stronger than ever before.  Accept this baby.  You have the important job of being the home for this little one.  Promise me you will protect it and give it room to grow.  You will be rewarded with a nice vacation until you’re needed again. 

Cervix– oh honey, what can I say to you?  You’ve been cut up and scarred.  I know you are only half the cervix you once were but that’s ok.  I really need you to be Hercules right now.  Promise me if you cannot complete your task you will let me know ahead of time so I can get you some help.  You will be rewarded with the same vacation as Uterus.

I know I will be asking a lot of you all over the next few days, weeks, and hopefully months- 9 to be exact.  I am asking you all to forget the injustices you’ve been subjected to.  Put aside your differences and work together.  I need you to put your best effort into being a good welcoming home for a baby.  It needs to grow big and strong.  We need this more than anything we’ve ever needed before.  I promise you that with the birth of a child Heart will be happy.  When Heart is happy you will all be happy.




Ovaries– screw you!  You were put to the test and you failed!  You are the one body part I no longer need.  You can go hang out with Rectum.


5 responses to “Dear Body,

  1. This almost made me cry! We have put our poor bodies through so very much. I hope everything cooperates perfectly for you in the 9 months ahead!! 🙂

  2. my1111wish says:

    Yeah it was pretty depressing to write that’s why I had to throw in some humor 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    That had me in tears because its so true! I kinda feel that way about my ovaries

  4. Anonymous says:

    But you really need rectum…ask any pregnant woman who has had constipation

  5. Yes says:

    Seriously, send nice thoughts to your rectum (and anus). Those parts can exact some wicked revenge if not handled with care!

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