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Great Day For An Egg Hunt!

on July 24, 2013


Today is the day- it’s finally here- retrieval day woo hoo!  I’m totally anxious to find out how many eggs they get.  M doesn’t have to be in the spank tank until 9:30 am but of course I’m worrying he will get lost or stuck in traffic or abducted by aliens.  He must think I’ve lost my mind but truly its hard to lose something you never had.  When he got out of the shower I insisted on giving a pep talk to his testicles.  Yes, you read that right.  I told his sperm to get organized and prepare for success.  I then sent them off with a little kiss. 

My Tweet from this morning “Retrieval day!  M goes to the spank tank in 2 hrs- woo hoo!  Only in the infertility world is that not TMI :)”  It’s the truth.   In this world we all share the intimate details of our body from sperm count to vaginal secretions- nothing is sacred lol.

I text M on my way to work and asked him to take some pics of the spank tank for my blog.  I doubt he will do it but he better.  It’s already 9:40 and I haven’t heard from him.  Understandably I’m a wreck as usual. 

I’ll write an update when I get the egg count.  Fingers crossed we have plenty of Grade A eggies!

Before I forget, I’m officially on the PIO shots daily for the next 14 weeks- God willing.  Here is a picture of the lovely curtain rod that M sticks in me.


As I was about to log out M text me a pic of the spank tank.  He said he has more but his battery is about to die.  His baby batter has been handed over to the bakers and they are about to make me some cupcakes- YAY!!!!!!


2 responses to “Great Day For An Egg Hunt!

  1. newtoivf says:

    I told my DH to do the same! Apparently he had them singing ‘we’re all going to Wombley’!

  2. That injection looks awful! Total curtain rod.

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