Starting Our Family

The reality of infertility, IVF and donor eggs


on July 24, 2013


I finally got the email- 41 eggs!  My reaction “holy fuck batman!”  M’s reaction “Nice!!!  She’s a machine!  We can start an army!” 

Of course my hamster wheel head is worried about the quality of each egg since there are so many.  My nurse said “she did great” but I emailed her with my quality concerns.  I also asked her to pull her records and find out what she averaged in previous cycles.   But even if there are some rotten eggs with that many there are bound to be some good ones in there. Right?  I guess we will find out tomorrow when I get the fertilization report. 

I feel bad for Buttercup.  I remember how uncomfortable I was with just 1 egg.  41?  Geez!  She’s my hero!


8 responses to “Billions!

  1. Whoa!! I was 23 for my first ivf and only got 14 and only 5 were good. She IS a machine! And I imagine that OHSS is going to be just lovely. 😉 But yay for you guys! This is terrific!

  2. Kitten says:

    Wowzas! Are you the only recipient, or will other women benefit from her bountiful harvest?

  3. lydiaseeks says:

    Wow! Let’s hope there are gobs of healthy ones in the bunch.

    • my1111wish says:

      I will check in tomorrow and see how she is feeling. I know the # of frosties left from each of her other cycles but don’t know what they retrieved and what fertilized. iI’m predicting that only half will fertilize but will know for sure tomorrow. Nope, no share they are mine all mine! I think that comes to $487.80 per egg lol.

  4. newtoivf says:

    Woah! Fingers crossed x

  5. What?!!!! I’m another one-egg-wonder, so hearing the number 41 just makes me dizzy. It’s like Monopoly money.

  6. my1111wish says:

    Yeah I thought I read the # wrong. I could start my own tribe lol

  7. Dipitie says:

    Ahhhhh!! Good luck!!!

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