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Save The Date!

on July 22, 2013


Well ladies and germs we have confirmed dates.  Retrieval will be July 24 and transfer will be July 29.  I feel the need to vomit but I’m not sure if it’s from nerves or the hot dog I tried at lunch.  My guess is it’s a little of both. 

Buttercup had an ultrasound this morning and has lots of follicles on each side.  The nurse said there are plenty of them so they didn’t feel the need to count.  WTF- she knows I’m anal and organized and need to log everything- grrr.  I was hoping for an exact count with a size for each lol.  Tonight I do my delestrogen shot and my last Lupron shot.  Tomorrow I start the PIO shots (for 12 weeks) and Wednesday I start taking 2 different antibiotics for the following 3 days.  Yay for my tummy but nah for my poor butt.  I now have to decide if I’m just taking off just Monday or Tuesday as well.  After the transfer on Monday they want me couch-bound for the remainder of the day.  The nurse said if I have a desk job I can go to work on Tuesday as long as I take it easy.  I’m not the type that can take it easy anywhere so I need to give this some thought.  I’m sure M will force me to take off Tuesday since he’s already cutting bubble wrap to my size.  That will be my outfit for the next 9 months- God willing.


4 responses to “Save The Date!

  1. hopobopo says:

    How exciting! Try and relax!

  2. Whoo hoo!! Clap! Cheer! Jump up and down.

  3. hope says:

    OMG!!! Wishing you a great retrevial and fertilization tomorrow!

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