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Crossed Another Hurdle

on July 18, 2013


Fluffy clouds, cotton candy, Charmin toilet paper- yup that’s me today!  This morning I went to feed the vampires and for my twat cam photo shoot.  My uterine lining is 8.4, which is right on target for where I need to be at this point.  The RE said my lining will only get better from here so she doesn’t need to check it again.  Both of my ovaries are quiet and I don’t have any follicles- yay!  I never thought I would be happy to say I didn’t have any follicles.  I have been worried about that.  I was afraid, with my luck, that now that I don’t want follicles developing that I would have them and it would screw up my cycle.  Luckily my fucktard ovaries did exactly what they have been doing.   The vamps sucked a little more blood than usual but they are also going to check my thyroid again to see if I have any improvement.  I have new circle drawings and I’m all ready to get the phone call with how much Delestrogen to take tonight.

I just sent an email to my nurse to see how Buttercup is doing.  I’ve waited as long as I could but she’s already been on stims for 5 days so I’m hoping they can give me an estimated follicle count.  We have a little pool going.  I say 10, M says 11 and my mom says 16.  I know its quality over quantity and anything is better than the 1 that I made.


4 responses to “Crossed Another Hurdle

  1. Dipitie says:

    Having fucktard ovaries are the worst, right? My best IVF cycle produced 5 eggs, only 2 of which were mature. Definitely the more I produced, the worse they were. Here’s to Buttercup being a good egg producer, and giving you 10-16 high quality, mature eggs!

  2. hopobopo says:

    How did you know that you would be able to carry a de. Did they do testing. I keep inquiring about why they think I can not get pregnant and they can’t give me an answer. I’m just thinking of other options for myself down the line.

  3. my1111wish says:

    I don’t know but I won’t know if I don’t try. What I do know is donor eggs are my only shot- it wasn’t going to happen with my eggs. It might not happen with the first transfer but if I get enough quality eggs that fertilize into embryos I’ll keep trying.

  4. hopobopo says:

    Wishing you the best of luck!

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