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Registering For Trademarks On My Names

on July 17, 2013


OK, this is going to sound completely stupid to most of you but I know a few will be able to relate.  For years and years I’ve always loved the name Jackson.  I first heard it from a southern co-worker who named his son that.  That has been my boy baby name forever.  I hadn’t heard it again until Sons of Anarchy came out on FX.  The hot as fuck main character is named Jaxson and they call him Jax.  LOVE IT!  So I have a name that is not common like Michael or John so you would think that there wouldn’t be a lot of people who I know using that right?  Wrong!  I just heard one of the pregnants at work talking about her baby names and guess what her boy name is?  Yup- Jackson.  Luckily she’s spelling it a different way.  It still pissed me off though.  I know there is no way she would even know that we are trying let alone naming a hypothetical child.   Plus we don’t own the name but it pissed me off anyway.   I just wanted something that was my own.  Maybe I’ll just name my kid Toe Jam so that its original and nobody else has that name.  We can call him TJ.  I emailed her and let her know that Jaxson is my boy name.   I wanted to give her the heads up that I wasn’t copying her if I ever had a boy.   Most of you are probably thinking WTF but she totally knows why I emailed her.  A few years ago it was World War 3 in the office because 2 of the girls had the same favorite boy name.  The irony of it was that neither of them was even pregnant.  And even more ironic is that neither of them work here anymore, they both had boys and neither used the name they were fighting over lol.  But this girl has heard the story and thought it was hysterical that I gave her the heads up.   I better get pregnant soon so I can trademark the name.


4 responses to “Registering For Trademarks On My Names

  1. Georgiapeach says:

    Same thing with us lol Gabriella has been hubby’s favorite name for a girl for years! never heard of anyone wanting that name. Now all of the sudden 2 friends naming their baby girls Gabriela!!!

  2. my1111wish says:

    That name is pretty popular around here because one of the Real Housewives of NJ has a daughter named Gabriella. Briella and Brie and somewhat popular here too. I could totally see you with a Gabriella.

  3. hope says:

    Don’t get me started. I have always loved the name Isadora. After the dancer or the Queen or someone. So beautiful. But that 2 foot tall badly drawn cartoon Dora who can’t walk 10 feet in a straight line without consulting a map ups and ruins it for everyone. My husband wont even consider the name as long as Dora is still on TV. If you have any blackmail on her, do share. I would love to quiet her up for awhile…

  4. hope says:

    And Jaxson on Sons of Anarchy is so hot!! I don’t particularly like the show but watched some episodes just to see him. In a playful mood one night, I told my husband he looks like him. (Which he doesn’t). And he said, “no, I don’t look like him.” (I agree, although there is a similarity in their backs.) But then, he says “He is so small.” I love it. My husband is a muscular guy but apparently with some vision problems. I guess it is good that body dismorphia can go in the opposite direction.

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