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If You Want to Be Politically Correct About It…

on July 17, 2013


I work with a kid that is in a wheelchair.  Someone recently refered to him as “handicapable”.  WTF is that?  He’s not capable of doing shit- he can barely wipe his own ass and he would be the 1st to admit it.  I asked him how he feels about this terminology and he said he didn’t care what people call him because he’s still in a wheelchair either way.  It got me thinking about how some people try to be so politically correct.  “African-American” is one that drives me insane.  My old neighbor is from Haiti, not Africa.  She used to crack me up all the time with her stories.  She told someone one day that he couldn’t discriminate against her because she was from Haiti, not Africa.  The guy was so confused- the look on his face was priceless.  I’m wondering if I should stop using the term “infertile” and from now on refer to myself as “reproductively challenged” or is it more clear if I say I suffer from Fucktard Eggs?  Is Fucktard PC or no?


4 responses to “If You Want to Be Politically Correct About It…

  1. ” Is Fucktard PC or no?” You are HILARIOUS. Dying here. Bwahhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa. I’ve always worked with people who have disabilities and they say they don’t give a crap what they are called. Paperwork has to be correct though!!!!

  2. Hahaha! Reproductively challenged! So my husband and I together must be “reproductively incompatible” instead of double wammy infertiles.

  3. Dipitie says:

    Fucktard eggs AND fucktard sperm – we suffer from both. And I don’t give a shit if its PC or not. LOL

  4. newtoivf says:

    I LOVE the term fuckard eggs!

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