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The reality of infertility, IVF and donor eggs

Hallelujah- A Miracle On IVF Street!!!!!

on July 15, 2013


I went to the clinic this morning to feed the vampires and the strangest thing happened in the waiting room.  I actually made eye contact with an infertile.  No, wait it gets better…she even said “hi”.  She was young and cute and for a split second I thought she was my donor.  For all I know she actually could have been because the picture I have of her might not be recent.  I don’t think it was her though.  I think I would have totally felt it in my gut if it was.  I do worry about running into her although my clinic assured me they are very crafty at making sure donors and recipients don’t cross paths.  Just in case, I’m not going to the spank tank with M on retrieval day.  He’s going to go do is thang and then go to work.  He said if I go I’d be running all around the hospital peeking through curtains looking for her.  Yup- busted!

So the same friendly infertile that hi’d me also sat next to me in the vampire liar.  She heard me ask the vampire if they accept sharps.  I told them I have been hoarding them.  She laughed and said “that’s funny”.   We left at the same time.   On the way out another infertile smiled and said “good morning” to us.  I’m in told shock- 2 people in a clinic on the same day making eye contact and speaking?  This is unheard of!  Usually they hide in a corner and pretend they are not there.  “Pay no attention to the woman in the corner.  I’m not here. I can’t see you and you can’t see me!”


The original talker held the door open for me on the way out.  Well, 2 doors actually so I ran down the stairs to open the 3rd for her.  I would have carried her to her car if I could.  She saw me hurry down the stairs and giggled.  I said, “you held 2 for me so I have to hold 1 for you.”  She said, “I don’t mind- really I don’t- its my pleasure.”  As we were walking through the door she said, “did you hear what I said in there?  I said you should keep all your sharps to show your child so they will know all that you did to have them.”  I replied, “Trust me- I have a blog to prove all that.  My child will have absolutely no doubt that he or she was wanted.”   Then she did the most bizarre thing- she put her hand on my shoulder and said “good luck to you”.  Holy fuck Batman- I need to play the lottery.  I’ve had plenty of communication with fellow infertiles but its all been via the world-wide web.  But today, July 15, 2013 I was actually physically touched by another.  I’m wondering if she was even a fellow infertile or maybe a donor.  She just seemed so kind and happy to be there.  Whoever she is I now know how Virginia felt about Santa.


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