Starting Our Family

The reality of infertility, IVF and donor eggs


on July 9, 2013


Last night was my first intramuscular shot of Delestrogen.  Guess what- it was a piece of cake!  The anxiety was 1,000 times worse than the event.  I worked a golf outing all day so I was rushing home at 8pm to get this done.  I ran in the door, handed M the needles, told him what to do, put a wet wash cloth in the microwave and burrowed my face into a pillow on the couch.  I held the warm wash cloth on the spot for a few minutes.  I told M, “ok tell me when you’re ready” and he said, “ready”.  I took the wash cloth off and squeezed it up over my head.  I was ready for the pain.  I felt like he was resting the needle on my spot and losing the nerve to do it so I said, “ok tell me when its going in” to which he replied, “its already in”.  No that can’t be right because I didn’t feel it so I said, “ok tell me when you’re pushing it all the way in- the whole needle has to go in” and he said “Babe, its all the way in- I swear!” I was totally in shock that I didn’t feel it.  After he pushed all the oil in we put the warm cloth back on and rubbed it in.  It bled for a little afterward but no pain or soreness.  It did feel a little weird because I could feel the oil there but that feeling went away after a while.  So my first butt shot was a success!  I don’t do another one until Thursday night so we will see how that goes.  I did notice that the circle the nurse drew was washed away with the wet cloth.  I need to find a more permanent marker.  She used a Sharpie but if that only lasted for 1 day I’m going to need to find something else to mark me for the next 12 weeks.   The shot site was perfect so I want to keep doing them there so they don’t hurt.  I’m sure once I’m doing them every day it will get sore but I will deal with that if it happens.  I really felt like I was going to feel and hear the needle going in.  I kept thinking of when you stick a fork into a raw chicken breast and get a creepy feeling.  I’m so glad that didn’t happen because I would have dry heaved. 

On a somewhat embarrassing/comical note, I had to pull the 50/50 ticket at the golf outing.  When I reached up to get my hand in the box my shirt pulled up a little revealing my drawn circles.  So nice that a room full of men saw I had circles on me.  They are all doctors so they probably thought I was getting liposuction lol.


2 responses to “Bullseye!

  1. Way to go!! See, I told you it wasn’t bad! 🙂 So happy the first one went so smoothly for you.

  2. my1111wish says:

    I had the 2nd one last night and it wasn’t as nice. I did feel this one- not crazy pain but sure as heck felt it!

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