Starting Our Family

The reality of infertility, IVF and donor eggs

Sometimes Privacy Is Not An Option

on July 2, 2013


No matter how hard you might try to maintain some level of privacy regarding your infertility there are times that it’s really not even an option.  That realization slapped me in the face the other day when I went to the pharmacy.  I drove up to the pick up window and the conversation went like this….

Pharmacist Helper:  Hi, remember me?

Me: I’m sorry I can’t even see you- there is a glare on the window

Pharmacist Helper: I’m Erica’s daughter.  You only met me once in passing but I remember your name from your prescriptions.  I told my mom you’re here all the time pick ing stuff up.  She told me to introduce myself next time you come in.

UGH!!!!!!!   Erica is our tenant at our rental house and one of the last people we would want to share our infertility with.    I get most of my fertility drugs delivered from a pharmacy in north Jersey but I do get some things from Walgreens: pre-seed (sperm safe lube), birth control pills, pre-natal pills,  Estrace pills, thyroid pills, hypodermic needles and Endometrin (progesterone suppositories).  Anyone who works in a pharmacy knows all that combined is a recipe for IVF.   This girl might not have told her mom what I buy but it would make for nice mother/daughter bonding gossip.  I like to keep my business life and my personal life separate.  If I need to raise the rent because of inflation I want to be able to do so comfortably without the tenants thinking they are financing our IVF.  Not that Erica would judge us because I happen to know she had infertility struggles as well.  When she filled out the rental application we did a background and credit check.  We noticed her credit had been ruined by a large amount of money she owed to a fertility clinic.  We approved her anyway because we know bad credit can happen to good people and I think a part of me sympathized with her infertility.  So I guess lack of privacy is a two-way street.  I know about her and she may know about me.


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