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Screw You Thyroid!

on June 28, 2013


When I first went to the RE about a year ago they said my thyroid level was higher than they wanted it to be in order to conceive via IVF.  The normal range is 4-5.  Mine was about 4.5 so it was normal for normal people but not normal for an infertile who wanted to be a fertile.  They like to see it below 2 so they put me on a thyroid medication to decrease the levels.  After a few months it went down to 1.9 and has remained steady.   I hate it because I’m near zombie level.  I have absolutely NO energy.  There doesn’t seem to be anything I can do to increase my energy.  I feel like I constantly have the food coma sleepies.    My nurse just sent me an email and said my TSH levels are high again- 3.75 so they are increasing my medication.  This was my reaction…


Seriously?  Should I just stay in bed because increasing my meds is going to do just that.  Plus I’m still on the active only heavy dose birth control pills and now Lupron too.  LOL- poor, poor M.  I’m going to be acting like a crazy spider monkey on crack!


2 responses to “Screw You Thyroid!

  1. notwhenbutif says:

    Ok, I can’t help it. I apologize for the book that is about to come, but lot’s of comments.

    1. Did your doc seriously say 4 to 5 is NORMAL? If so, run to another doctor. Oh, and never trust an RE or a GP or any other generalist to treat thyroid disease. I only trust endos, and even then only once they’ve proven to me they aren’t total idiots. “Normal” is highly controversial, but the American Society of Clinical Endocrinologists recommends a normal range of 0.3 to 3.0 for ALL people, TTC or not. For those TTC, optimal is between 1 and 2.

    2. Are they only going by TSH? What other testing have you had done? T3, Free T4, thyroid antibodies? Do they know what is causing your thyroid disease (autoimmune Hashi’s, for example)? There is so much more to properly regulating a thyroid than blindly going by TSH. TSH isn’t even a thyroid hormone — it’s a pituitary hormone. And, in many cases, next to useless in getting you a nicely regulated thyroid.

    3. No wonder your TSH is going up. The estrogen that is likely in your birth control alone can account for rapid shifts in thyroid function as estrogen is a thyroid hormone antagonist. Similarly, the ANTI-estrogenic effects of Lupron could do just the same. Thyroid function needs to be closely monitored when you are putting any unusual doses of hormones into your system.

    4. You are most likely tired because you are still hypo, not because you are overmedicated. The symptoms you describe are a sign of too little medication, not too much. If meds aren’t making you feel better, then you are on the wrong meds or on the wrong dose. I would be a zombie if I was still taking generic levothyroxine. The switch from generic brand to brand with each refill was causing my thyroid to swing wildly from hyper to hypo and back again. Brand name Synthroid fixed it, but I was prepared to fight for other alternatives (different levo brands, adding in a T3 med, or even natural thyroid meds) to find my own happy spot. And, any good endocrinologist will care more about you health and well-being than just your lab values. If you don’t have a doctor with that philosophy, you are wasting your time.

    I totally get how frustrating this is, but thyroid disease requires more than just an occasional blood test and dose change. Especially in the beginning you need to get a good grip on the cause in order to properly treat the disorder. Unfortunately, the half-ass-ing it approach is the far more common one employed by most practitioners.

    If you have more questions let me know or check out my Hashi’s post (


    Crazy Thyroid Lady (or, at least, sometimes I feel that way!)

  2. my1111wish says:

    I appreciate the response. I have no clue what they have been testing me for. My old RE gave me that normal range. My new one only said she wants it below 2. With everything else that is going on I honestly haven’t been paying much attention to this and just do what the doctor says. She said its normal to fluctuate and they would keep testing and adjust my meds accordingly. It totally makes sense what you said about the BCP. My last pill of that is tomorrow so I will be curious to see if my level goes back down after being off it for a while. I’m sure the pure stress of infertility also causes a lot of my exhaustion. I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that there is a dead end or detour down every path.

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