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Animals That Kill Babies

on June 28, 2013


Apparently its an old wives tale/superstition that cats steal a baby’s breath.  I guess technically that isn’t possible since we don’t expel oxygen but I guess the theory is they put their face around a baby’s face and hog up all the oxygen?  I remember Steven King had a movie about that but it turned out not to be a cat after all.  It was a killer troll that lived in the wall and the cat wound up saving the girl’s life.  Well, I don’t have a troll (yet) but I do have a cat.  My grammy told me that once I have a baby I need to get rid of the cat so it doesn’t steal my baby’s breath.  I can’t believe people still believe this.  It’s not just my 88-year-old grammy- Google it and you will see.  I’m actually looking forward to being pregnant and not having to clean the litter box anymore- doctor’s orders- woo hoo!

This same grammy also thinks I will need to get rid of my dogs too.  One is a dingo hybrid (maybe the dingo ate your baby) and the other is a pit bull (obvious natural-born killer- grrr).  Good thing my grammy doesn’t know I have 2 ferrets (aka the weasels) or they would go on the “get rid of list” too.  Maybe they would chew on a baby’s toes or something- who knows!

My cat is 17 years old and could care less what goes on around her.  She has cancer and bowl disease and is on her 9th life.  I’m sure I will adopt another cat or 2 when she leaves us.  Of course I will find the most pathetic pussy at the pound that nobody wants because that’s what I do.  And as far as the dogs- piece of cake!  The dingo is 11 years old but acts like she is 2.  She’s super hyper but AMAZING with kids so no worries with her.  The pit bull is 8 years old and is afraid of his own shadow.  Even so, once he warms up to it he just wants to lick it to death.  I hate the bad rap pits get because they really are great family dogs.  The weasels have their own room and I probably wouldn’t trust them alone with a baby anyway.  They are very friendly but they have razor-sharp nails that they have no control over and they like to climb on everything.  So no worries with my fur babies harming my skin baby but I do have one major concern- allergies.  I’m an animal lover.  In fact I like animals more than I like humans.  God forbid my child is allergic to any of my animals I don’t know what I would do.  I can’t even think of it.  I’m an animal lover but this baby won’t have my genes so there is no telling whether or not it will have pet allergies.  I’m not even letting myself stress about it now because it would kill me to have to make a decision like that- Sophie’s Choice- ugh!  Instead I will show you some pics of my fuzzies…

Oz and Sasha


PK (psycho kitty)


Monk (his best cartoon character impression)


Homer (his Playgirl audition pic)



3 responses to “Animals That Kill Babies

  1. Kass says:

    You’ve got beautiful animals and I envy you the fact that you have a few leaving together and not minding each other. I have one dog (lab/pit bull mix – the pit bull part was a guess once she grew up 😉 and since she wasn’t around dogs (or a lot of other people) when she was growing up (my hub’s fault, I wasn’t her mom then), I think she just doesn’t know how to be social, which is a shame, because to us she’s the sweetest dog in the world. She’s ok around a couple other dog-cousins, but it took time to teach her to be nice, and still no way we’ll have a group ball fetching fun.
    I’m worried at times how she’s going to be around our kids (if that happens when she’s still around, but my SIL said lately that this dog will outlive us ;)), since shen’s not that good with kids any more. She used to be, when she was youger, now (8yo) she’s only ok if kids ignore her, but can be snappy when they try to play with her. She’s even upset my little cousin, when she showed her beautiful mouthful of fangs as a reaction to him trying to pet her. There’s always a chance that she sensed that this boy had already tortured two other dogs to misery ;), but I think she’s just getting grumpy.

    BTW, no matter if it’s your genes or not, you can’t really tell for sure if the baby is going to have pet allergies or not. You can do your best to prevent them (they’re usually acquired). Having animals at home with the baby is a good thing, and just making sure they’re clean. Plus there are many people with allergies who refuse to get rid of their pets, so I’m sure it’s controllable, though don’t really know how that works with kids.
    Anyway, before this comment becomes it’s own blog, good luck with everything and I’ll be checking in for good news. 🙂

  2. my1111wish says:

    My pets are not really animal friendly except with their own siblings. The dogs get very excited around other animals and because they havent really been socialized when they were younger I dont do it now just to be safe. Both dogs have had to go into defense mode a couple of times and have gotten hurt in the process- see my blog Preparing for Playground War Wounds. There is a lot you can do to prep your dog for a baby but some dogs never adjust and then you have to always be cautious. I know allergies are not always genetic- and the donor doesnt have any. Im slightly allergic to the cat but I just deal with it. Guess I will cross that bridge if I come to it.

  3. hopobopo says:

    I love my dog more then most humans! i feel ya!

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