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IVF Party Kit

on June 27, 2013


Let the party begin!  Oh wait, you wanted shots as in tequila?  Sorry- my bad- this is an infertiles version of shots- no worm needed. 

My party kit arrived yesterday.   The vials of drugs are small but there are a whole lot of needles going on here.  Big, thick 1 1/2 inch needles that will get stabbed into my ass muscle like a lawn dart into the ground.  Ouch my ass hurts just thinking about it.  For shits and giggles I went on YouTube and searched PIO injections.  If you want to laugh watch it sometime.  I didn’t want to watch so I could learn because clearly these are NOT the people to be learning from.  Most of them are hillbillies and have the whole town in the room to watch.  And then there are a few who don’t even know how to draw the oil or how much 20 units is even though it’s clearly marked on the syringe.  One thing that bothers me about home video, 2 things actually- 1) you know people are going to be watching this so at least brush your hair 2) clean your fucking trailer!  One video is done in the kitchen and there are dirty pots and pans everywhere- come on people!  There was one couple doing it for the 1st time.  The wife was incredibly annoying!  I felt like a was watching an episode of Bridezillas.  These people should not pro-create.  There is no reason for her annoying ass genes to be passed on and if he is so stupid to stay with her than his dumb ass shouldn’t spawn either.  OK, I need to settle down or I could go on and on all day about this.  The point of me watching was so I could see the reactions as the shot went in.  I guess I was hoping to tell the pain level based on the reaction.  Instead I got nothing but a judgmental opinion of why these people should be banned from having kids.

So this morning I went to the vampires to give them my blood.  I realized how spoiled I had been with my old clinic.  It was no more than 5 minutes from me.  This new clinic is about 30 mins.  The drive wasn’t bad though since I left at 7 am and took the back roads.  I actually got to work early so I was able to have a nice breakfast and check my social media (not that I don’t do that all day long).

I just got the call from the nurse and everything looks good with my blood work so I have the green light to start with my Lupron tonight.  I will be taking 20 units every night.  My blogs should start to get very interesting since Lupron makes me bat shit crazy.  Seriously- I grow horns!  I apologize now for any unneccessary or mean ranting I do.  Inevitably I will offend someone along the way.  I will take my last birth control pill on Sunday- thank the Lord- I had those devil pills.    July 5th we go in for our butt shot tutorial and then on the 8th I go back for more blood work and then should start the butt stuff that night- grrr.  So folks we are officially in our 1st donor egg cycle- woo hoo!  Excuse me while I go vomit from nerves.


2 responses to “IVF Party Kit

  1. The pain of the butt shot is NOT bad. I promise. I know that needle looks daunting but if u get it in the right spot, next to no pain. A few times, I swear I didn’t feel it! Relax your butt, really relaxed. And I prefer laying on my tummy. Don’t ice first. That’s a mistake because the oil will not absorb and the lump hurts worse than the shot. But the needle? Nope. Not bad.

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