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Twitter Can Make You Fertile

on June 24, 2013


Apparently being on Twitter can make you fertile.  I just did a search on infertility to find some more peeps to follow.  I discovered a surprising number of people write in their summary “TTC for years and got surprise natural BFP- never give up!”  Yes, I vomited in my mouth too.  I’m confused when I hear of such fairy tales.  How does this happen?  Do they drink unicorn piss or something? 

Another WTF Twitter discovery- people who beg for money to finance their IVF.  Really?  Do people actually give to them?  I’ve heard some pan handlers in NYC make 6 figures a year begging for money.  They should open a Twitter account instead and stay home and watch Jerry Springer from their huge flat screen TV.


3 responses to “Twitter Can Make You Fertile

  1. Yep. everybody has heard of that person who got prego after YEARS then one day they relaxed and now they have 3 kids and a dog. i can believe how many ppl have shared their “infertility story” with me after i told them we have significant infertility. its like i want to say to them “yeah, u see i have REAL infertility. As in i could relax until my muscles turn to mush but it ain’t happening. (Not natural anyway). and no. adopting a child won’t make me magically fertile either.” Ok rant over. sorry.

  2. Dipitie says:

    I completely agree. It’s especially bad for the infertiles that have been around for years and years and years and see so many have kids. I might have even jumped on the IVF fundraising bandwagon but IVF doesn’t work for me anyway (kidding about the fundraising… kinda). I find it completely offensive especially when soliciting to other infertiles, as if the rest of us didn’t spend enough money on ourselves that we have extra to hand to someone else to finance their babymaking.

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