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No Turning Back Now (gulp)

on June 21, 2013


Well folks- the check is in the mail and there is no turning back now.   We sent the big chunk payment for our donor cycle.  I am incredibly excited yet horribly terrified. 

I probably should have went to some remote bank to get the bank check.  The one I used is right next to my office.  The teller was new and didn’t know how to do a bank check.  He told me to write it out to the recipient.  When his manager came to review it she said (loud), “no, no, no- she writes the check to us for $12,000 and then we write the check to IVF New Jersey.”  Wow- really?  You need to announce that to the whole bank?  I left with a pocket full of pens and lollipops.


7 responses to “No Turning Back Now (gulp)

  1. Jen K says:

    WOO HOO! What a huge day for you! And shaking head about out loud comment. They’re lucky you didn’t start throwing the pens and lollipops!

  2. my1111wish says:

    They are lucky that I haven’t started my stims or I would have been sticking the pens and lollipops in their eyes lol

  3. Hahaha!! Hilarious! I can’t blame you for the pens and lollipops at all. Wow. So close to starting. So exciting!! 🙂

  4. Georgia Peach :) says:

    What a BIG DAY 🙂 yayyyyyyyy so excited for you! and yeahhhh I can’t blame you for the pens and lollipops LOL

  5. hope says:

    i had completely forgotten. But, I had a similar experience when i sent the check to the donor agency. “egg donor” is in their name. So, I went to an out of way bank where I have no accounts for the hopes of remaining anonymous. But, after bringing multiple people to consult, they decided, they couldn’t help me because I had never had an account with them. They couldn’t help me even when I offered to pay more. Since when does a bank turn down money?

    • my1111wish says:

      I had to pay $5 for the bank check even though I’m a customer. I didn’t think they would announce what the check was for. Good thing it wasn’t a sponsorship for the United Syphilis Support Campaign lol.

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