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We Got a Period and a Tentative Schedule- YAY!

on June 17, 2013


Hail to the period- woo hoo!  I got an email this morning that our donor finally got her period.  I never thought I would be so excited for someone to be riding the cotton pony!  Period means me can start our cycle-YAY!

Here is the summary of our tentative schedule…

I start Lupron injections next week (6/27).  Start Delestrogen on 7/8.  Go in twice a week for monitoring.  The donor will likely start her shots on 7/13. Retrieval will be around 7/24 or 7/25.  Then  transfer would be around 7/29 or 7/30. 

I have to schedule to go to the clinic with M so we can get a quick lesson on how to do the intramuscular shots (butt shots).  These are a little more complicated than the regular shots I’ve been taking in my stomach.  They have to go INTO the muscle- ouch!  I’m going to have them draw circles where the shots should go so we don’t mess them up. 

I’m so excited to finally be starting our cycle.  I’m also incredibly nervous.  We’ve been through so much already.  We need to keep reminding ourselves that donor eggs give us a MUCH higher success rate (81%) than with my eggs (less than 20%).  Now that I have this email and I’m looking at actual calendar dates it’s all becoming real again.  All those emotions and “what ifs” are resurfacing.  I’m sure I will be blogging a lot the next few weeks.  You will also be treated to my surge in hormones from the shots so I apologize now for anything I say lol.

For those of you interested in the full cycle details my nurse sent here they are…




Blood test (Beta HCG).  Once the office receives your blood test results, we will call with instructions to start your Lupron injections.  You will be taking 20 units daily.  In addition, please begin taking one prenatal vitamin.
3 days



Stop your birth control pills today.  You may or may not experience a period within the next 2-4 days.
Approx. 1

week later



Blood test (Estradiol).  If your level is appropriate, the doctor will call with instructions to start Delestrogen.  This injection is given intramuscular into the buttock only twice weekly.  You will also continue taking Lupron, most likely decreasing your dosage to 10 units daily.  Unless you are told otherwise, please have your husband start the Doxycycline on Sunday.  He is to take one tablet twice daily, approximately 12 hours apart.
A week



Blood test (Estradiol).  The doctor will call with your dosage of Delestrogen for today.   From this point on, you will continue to go twice weekly for blood tests and the doctor will call you each time with your next dose of Delestrogen.
3 days later


Blood test (Estradiol) and a vaginal ultrasound to measure the endometrial lining.  This should be the only ultrasound necessary.
Day before



You will be notified by the doctor to stop your lupron and begin the progesterone.  The first dose of progesterone is 1/2 cc.  It is advisable to use a hot compress right before & immediately following the injection.  This will aid in absorption.  DO NOT USE ICE.  You will continue Delestrogen twice weekly.  The dosage will be based on blood test results.
Day of


(Approx 7/25/13)

Increase the progesterone to 1cc daily.  Begin taking Medrol 16 mg. (one tablet) at bedtime X 4 days and the Cipro 500 mg daily X 4 days.
Day after retrieval You will receive a call with the number of fertilized embryos and the date of embryo transfer (3-5 days after retrieval).
Approx 7/30/13 Embryo transfer.  Post transfer instructions and prescriptions for future blood tests will be provided at this visit.
2 weeks after retrieval Pregnancy test!  If positive, you will continue blood tests and 3-4 pregnancy ultrasounds over the next 8 weeks.  Delestrogen & progesterone will continue until

11-12 weeks of pregnancy.

 Day of Transfer

  • There is no fasting prior to the transfer.  You may eat and drink as usual.
  • Empty your bladder one hour before the scheduled transfer.  Fill your bladder on your way to our office with 12-24oz of water or juice.  DO NOT EMPTY YOUR BLADDER BEFORE THE TRANSFER.
  • Take your Valium (10mg Diazepam) in our office after speaking with the embryologist.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and bring a pair of socks.  Patient & partner – DO NOT WEAR ANY PERFUMES OR COLOGNES.
  • DO NOT drive operate any machinery or appliances for the rest of the day.
  • You will need to remain off your feet for the remainder of the day, please make the necessary arrangements.

3 responses to “We Got a Period and a Tentative Schedule- YAY!

  1. Dipitie says:

    OMG!! Good luck!!!!!

  2. hope says:

    congratulations! I had been waiting for my period (3 months +) to do a DE FET and I just got cycle dates in the last few days too. It feels great to have a plan and feel like I am finally moving forward. Best of luck!!!

  3. my1111wish says:

    Yay we can be cycle buddies!

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