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Infertility Is A Full Time Job And I’m Filing For Disability

on June 10, 2013


Yup infertility is a full time job not to mention its a thankless position with shit pay (shit meaning zero).  In fact YOU pay.  You pay with your heart, body and soul.

I love, love, love blogging about my infertility.  Not because I want to “brag” about what a wretched, broken troll I am but because it really is a stress reliever for me.  Especially when I’m not in a cycle it makes me feel current- like I’m still doing something to work toward my goal of Mommyhood.  I feel like I need to continually do something 24/7- blog, research, stalk the forums, etc.  Not being in a cycle is the worst.  It makes me feel like my body will just shrivel up and wither away.  From the emails I’ve received my blogging has actually helped other people- so win/win! 

Herein lies the problem.  In addition to blogging I also now have a Twitter account and I’m in the process of creating a Facebook page.  I’m constantly receiving emails regarding my blog (some people are afraid to comment) and I like to respond to them right away.  My brain is bubbling over with topics to blog about.  I have several drafts written that I’m waiting for time to proofread and perfect before I post.  And now this Twitter thing is taking over my iphone.  I am a very busy infertile.  I try to be the perfect love shack mate and keep up with the cooking, cleaning, laundry, food shopping etc and the occasional (very occasional) romp in the sack (not sure when I became Mrs. Cleaver minus the BJ).  Not to mention I have a real job (not shit pay but a cross between fecal and vomit) that takes up about 40 hours of my week.  Since I also try to maintain some sort of a social life (currently unsuccessful) that does not leave me much time for my blogging and other social media.  I’ve been doing it as much as I can at work but lately these bastards have actually been giving me real work to do- the nerve of them!  I’m sure some of the other executives question what I’m doing when they walk past my office and see me feverishly typing on my computer.  I once told the COO that I was typing a recap of the last meeting and my thoughts about it.  He became very paranoid that there was an executive meeting he wasn’t invited to (insert evil laugh). 

So what’s a girl to do?  If I didn’t have this fecal/vomit job to contend with I would have plenty of time to play infertile.  I could blog and blog and blog the day away.  I was really beginning to stress about this infertility being a full time job thing.  And then a little light bulb popped into my head.  I’m wondering if I can go out on disability for infertility?  I mean women who have babies go out on Maternity Leave- why should I be discriminated against just because I can’t have a kid?  I am going to write my congress man/woman or whoever it is that handles this shit.  I’m going to propose a new bill or law or whatever you call it that allows women their right to Sansmaternity Leave!  Anyone in support of this motion?  Who’s with me?



2 responses to “Infertility Is A Full Time Job And I’m Filing For Disability

  1. Sign me up! And I can totally relate to not feeling “in the game” if you aren’t constantly doing something related to infertility.

  2. Baby Hopeful says:

    Me too, I love blogging, reading blogs and Twitter. Most of the time I am consumed. Things pop into my head that would be a great blog title. I try to have a day off though at the weekend now to give my brain a rest. It’s all to easy to let it take over our whole world.

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