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You Can Only Get Breast Cancer After 40

on June 8, 2013


No don’t be stupid- that’s obviously not true but according to my insurance company it is.  The other day I received a bill for $415 for a mammogram.  I called Horizon to find out why it wasn’t covered and they said I’m only allowed 1 mammogram between the ages of 35 and 39.  WTF!!!????  They won’t cover annual mammograms until after 40.  I know people who got breast cancer before they were 35- how can an insurance company be so stupid?  That’s a rhetorical question of course.  Not to mention the fact that all through May I’ve been hearing on the radio to get a mammogram.  All the newspapers are advertising Breast Cancer Awareness and to “paint the town pink”.  I thought Breast Cancer Awareness wasn’t until October but I guess they want you to pay attention to your jugs twice a year.  I guess I should have waited since I’m turning 40 next week but my clinic wanted me to have it done before I started my donor egg cycle.  I’ve had a few mammograms throughout the years.  I’ve also been able to add breast ultrasounds, a biopsy and a lumpectomy to my tit resume.  So annual mammograms are more of a necessity for me instead of just curiosity.  I have way better things to do than not wear deodorant and stand in a yoga position to have my tits squished between 2 plastic plates.  The non english speaking insurance rep told me to have my provider re-submit the bill as a medical mammography and maybe it would be covered.    My nurse said she will call the imaging office on Monday and try to get it taken care of for me.  I guess I’ll just have to cross my fingers that it will be covered or I will be adding $415 to my non-existant donor egg cycle budget.  At least the results were negative so I really shouldn’t complain.


2 responses to “You Can Only Get Breast Cancer After 40

  1. hope says:

    My insurance has a $5K cap on all IF treatments and does not cover IVF, DE… I have found this quite disappointing. (I previously thought I had good insurance). But, I tried not to dwell on it because I am fortunate enough that with some pinching, we could afford DE without coverage. But, I just heard today from someone that my same insurance covers Viagra. I realize I shouldn’t be surprised. But, really?

  2. Clearly too many people are doing mammograms for fun, so they have to limit coverage. WTF. Hope your clinic can help get this sorted out.

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