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I Want A Happy Ending!

on June 5, 2013


No, no, no, not the kind you get at an Asian massage parlor.  But I know that got your attention lol.

A fellow infertile told me that I should write a book.  Apparently some feel that I have a way with words.  Yeah, you should see what I can do with works when I’m pissed off.  The words all revolve around female parts or things to put up, in and around female parts.  I like the male parts words but the female ones seem to pack more of a punch.  I’m a nasty truck driver!   Anywho, M has been telling me to write a book for while and was a little pissy that she “stole” his idea.  I think he’s just afraid he won’t get credit in the acknowledgment.  The truth is, I have thought of writing a book, not that there aren’t already enough blogs and books about infertility journeys.  I’m waiting because I feel I’m only half way through the story.  M thinks I need to write it now while it’s still fresh in my mind.  Really?  Has he not been traveling this journey with me?  These memories will be forever etched into my mind and body.  There’s no forgetting this.  Even when you have a baby you don’t forget where you came from it just makes what you hold that much more precious.   I have to wait, I need to wait.   I want to wait until I’ve had a baby so I can give my readers a happy ending.   I want to be able to tell them that with a little “ibbity, bobbity, boo!” (aka donor eggs, Lupron and Progesterone) I was able to have a baby.  Currently everything is just a rotting pumkin and that glass slipper is not quite the right size.  That’s no fun to read.  That’s the shit people slit their wrists over.  Everyone deserves a Happily Ever After and a chance of hope for themselves.  So I’m sorry Simon and Schuster but your next best seller is going to be delayed a while.


2 responses to “I Want A Happy Ending!

  1. hope says:

    please write a book!!!! I agree with everyone that you have a way with words. But, as a fellow hope to be DE mama, I just so appreciate your emotional honesty through the journey. and from a consumer point of view – there are a lot of IF books out there. But not many memoirs on DE. I know of only one and am blanking on the title. and as DE is becoming more common, it seems there would be a lot of demand for more DE memoirs. Speaking selfishly, I would love to read your IF voyage book, your pregnancy book, and your happy mamma book. thanks for sharing!!

  2. WOW- I’m totally flattered and blushing from your comment. That was a total happy ending- and I’m talking about the massage parlor kind 😉

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