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Some People Should Be Neutered and Spayed

on May 30, 2013


I know humans don’t get neutered and spayed, only animals, but seriously these people are animals.   And maybe that’s not fair to the animals to lump them in with these monsters.  Most animals don’t hurt their young.  I mean some of the males will eat them.  I know from experience as I sucked little sperm-like fish out of a tank with a turkey baster (don’t worry I will replace it before turkey day).  And some animals will kill the runt if it doesn’t stand a fighting chance in the wild but some people really should not be allowed to pro-create.

A friend of mine smoked while she was pregnant.  She gave birth at 27 weeks and by the grace of God the baby is fine.  He had to stay in the NICU for 3 months but all in all he’s a healthy baby as far as the doctors can tell.  Did smoking cause her to go into pre-term labor?  Maybe not.  It might have been the two 2 liters of diet coke she drank every day or the obsessive cleaning with bleach or the constant eating of junk food.  Or maybe it had nothing to do with her and her lack of pre-natal care and just how the cookie crumbled.  Regardless of the reason I know smoking didn’t help.  I didn’t talk to her for most the pregnancy because of this.  And our friendship is very distant now and will never be the same.  How can I be friends with someone who has no regard for life?  How can she possibly love me as a friend when she can’t even love her own flesh and blood enough to give him the best chance at life as possible?

The news from the past 2 days has made me want to vomit. 

Yesterday I saw a video on the news of a baby in China that was extracted from a sewer pipe.  The baby is alive now but God only knows what problems it may have.  According to today’s report the mother, a teenager, gave birth in the bathroom and the baby fell into the sewer.  She said she got pregnant during a 1 night stand and couldn’t afford an abortion- she hid the pregnancy from her parents.  There are always stories in the news of teenage mothers who throw their babies away because they can’t tell their parents.  I can’t even imagine what those teenagers are going through emotionally and how scared they must be but drop the baby off at a hospital or someone’s doorstep like they did in the old days.  Please don’t just throw a baby away.

Teenagers having babies is just half of the vomit equation.  There are plenty of adults that have babies and then abuse them.  I can’t even begin to understand, nor do I want to attempt to understand, how someone can hurt a helpless child- of any age for that matter.  Today on the news I heard of a man in his early 20’s who put his newborn in the freezer because it wouldn’t stop crying.  Clearly this monster is out of his fucking mind.  Aside from the cruelty of the act it doesn’t even make sense.  Why would someone think putting a baby in a freezer would stop it from crying?  A freezer?  I can’t wrap my head around it.  This baby is alive but it was found to also have a broken arm and leg and some head trauma. 

I can’t, even in my warpest of imaginations, come up with a punishment that would be even remotely suitable to such disgusting crimes.  It makes me sick to know this stuff happens on a daily basis.  It makes me even sicker knowing that there are great people out there that would do anything to be parents.  I know I can’t fix the world and rid it of all its problems but this stuff kills me.


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